Scary Story Contest: Ahmet Ali Yilmaz

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone ... and heard a scream. She ran outside, saw nothing. She thought she was imagining it, but when she went inside, children gone, and a trail of blood and scratches indented on the floor, she knew something wasn't right. She then heard a crackling low soggy coughing voice, "At 12 a.m., I will kill you." She ran to the phone, it was dead. She hustled to the phone booth outside, only to realize that it was 12:00.

The next morning the police arrived. It was the most unusual crime they had ever seen. "Chief!" yelled David. David was the deputy. "Yeah?" the chief replied. "This crime was pretty unusual. It looks like she was clawed apart. David announced.


Many years passed and the police department, even the FBI, couldn't figure out the case. But still, many people were being killed, day by day, week by week, mouth by mouth, year by year, until the human civilization was wiped out, and monster creatures took over, or so they thought.

- Ahmet Ali Yilmaz is a fifth-grader at Hillcrest School.


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