Scary Story Contest: Ryan Stockman

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone.

"Don't forget to make them take a nap," said Mrs. Clark. "We should be back at 10, but if they are hungry before then, there are some microwaveable meals in the freezer to hold them."

"OK," she said and hung up the phone. Mikey and Alisha were upstairs doing their homework and Emily was sound asleep on the couch. So Katie decided to start her homework. Her teachers usually don't give her a large amount of homework for the weekend, but this weekend was different. It was the last week of the first quarter, and teachers were cramming stuff in before they issued out grades.

Katie glanced up as Emily awoke and walked into the kitchen.

"Can we play outside in the leaves," she asked innocently.

"Sure," said Katie and headed to the sliding door with the little girl.

Outside in the yard was a pile of leaves all nice and neat, just as if someone had just raked them. Emily ran to the pile just as fast as her short little legs could carry her. She leaped up into the air and landed flat on her belly in the pile of leaves. Leaves floated up all around the pile. She rolled off the pile giggling happily. So I picked up the rake and raked them back into a pile again. They did this about a dozen times or so.

"Let's go inside Emily, it's getting cold and dark," Katie said.

She agreed and they both went inside out of the cold and darkness. Inside, the house was dark. The only light was faint from the windows. Scared, Emily grabbed onto Katie as they traveled throughout the darkness. As they passed from the kitchen into the living room, Katie heard a creak and saw the black outline of a figure just to the right of them 15 feet or so. Emily let out a shrieking scream. Katie reached for the all, trying desperately to find the light switch. The lights came on in blinding surge and there stood Mikey standing over Alisha, who was covered with blood.

"What happened Katie," exclaimed worriedly.

"She was going to get a drink," said Mikey, "but I heard her scream. I came downstairs as fast as I could and I found her here unconscious."

Blood covered hands and arms. Her nightgown was stained a deep red. Katie desperately tried to use the phone, but there was no dial tone. She thought frantically of what to do. Then she wondered if the person or thing that did this to Alisha was still in the house. She was startled by deep slow footsteps from the kitchen. She turned her head in that direction and was horrid to find the outline of a tall dark figure walking toward them. Quickly she picked up Ails and went to the far end of the room. The figure was dressed as a scarecrow, and held out a gun in his right hand. Katie shielded the children behind her and slowly backed away as the scarecrow entered the room slowly with a gun pointed at them.

"All of you sit down," he ordered in a scratchy, hoarse voice. "Don't move or I will kill everyone of you."

Katie and the children sat by the coffee table in the corner of the room with Emily sobbing in fright on her lap. Katie didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the door burst open and Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Katie's parents appeared in the doorway. Stunned, the scarecrow moved the gun into their direction. Moving slowly, Katie picked up the glass ashtray and hurdled it at the scarecrow. It hit him in the forehead and the ashes spilled into his eyes. He hit the floor in pain. Out of options he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Mr. Clark called the cops and he and Katie's dad waited there for them. Katie, the children, and the mothers crammed into the Clarks car and took off to the hospital.

- Ryan Stockman is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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