Scary Story Contest: Matt Behymer

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone and noone answered back. Then she hung up the phone. She wasn't expecting anything, so she just hung back up. While she was walking back to the living room to continue watching TV, she thought she saw someone run across the window outside. Still walking back to the living room, she was beginning to get jumpy.

She decided to put the kids to sleep. But when she returned once again to the living room, she caught a glimpse of the calendar and it was said it was Friday the 13th. So she was flipping through the channels she was finding bunches of horror movies, so as she was watching them she was really jumpy because it was dark and she was alone.

Then she heard a really loud knock, not a few, just one really loud knock. Then several loud ones followed it. After about four really slow loud knocks she decided to answer it, her friends jumped out of the bush and said, "Hey, what are you doing? And why are you so cared, Katie?" After she was done freaking out, she was a little angry and said, "What are you guys doing here? You know I'm baby-sitting." They said that they were bored and they wanted to find something to do. She asked why they tried to scare her, and they said all she did was knock on the door. She paused ... she was thinking who it could have been and she started to freak out and she told them to come inside.

She then called her parents because she was so scared, but her parents told her it's just for a few more hours and they would pick her up as soon as they could and she calmed back down a little bit. But when she realized her friends Jack and Shelby were gone, she went frantically looking for them because she was so scared. As she walked through the living room, the TV had a special report about a criminal that broke free from prison that is seeking revenge by killing people. So she ran around the house trying to find her friends, but she heard her two friends scream and they yelled help but she couldn't find them.

She tried to wake the kids up and she realized that they were dead. She ran a block home crying and when she got home her parents were tied up and with a scarf over their mouths and she called the cops, but before she could dial the number she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head, she was knocked out. One year later, cops found all of the victims of the night in the woods. The killer was never found, though.


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