Scary Story Contest: Rebecca Jacobs

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone with a quiet "Hello." As I waited for her next response she gave a cautious look and handed me the phone. I put my ear to the phone I heard a deep man's voice say "Is Mrs. Vandershmit home." I worried about what to say. I can't tell a stranger I am by myself with the kids. So I said the first thing that came to mind. "Umm... Mrs. Vandershmit is busy right now. Can I please take a message?" With his scary voice next he says, "Oh really but this urgent. HAHAHA I will be right over then." "HAHAHA Have a nice night."

Oh man should I have told him she was not home? I was so scared. Trying to think what I should do I grabbed both kids Katie and Kent and headed with the phone to their parents bedroom and locked the doorl. The kids are crying now knowing what's going on and what was going to happen, and I was trying to keep calm as we all go into their dad's closet and close the door.

Five minutes later the kids have calmed down and are laying down in the closet. I know Mrs. and Mr. Vandershmit would be home at 10:30 in an hour and a half. As I began a story that Katie begged for, "Once upon a time..." CRASH and we heard the big wood front door come down. Katie and Kent screamed and I jumped at the sound. I quiet the kids telling them not to say a word that help was on the way and I grabbed the phone and dial 911!

All we could hear is the huge loud footsteps of this big man and the crashing on him searching the house knocking stuff down. Katie started to whimper and with my hand I had to bring her close and cover her mouth with my hand and try not to let them see how scared I was. The huge footsteps came closer and closer and the sweat and tears wouldn't stop coming form all three of us. Scared to death he busted down the locked door of their parents room. He stopped around and came to the knob of our door. The door flung open and light streamed in as the knob hit the wall right by us with a thud.

As the huge dirty hands came toward us and reached out for us the sound we had been waiting for for what seemed like hours was heard. Cars parked outside and the people we were taught to love came running in the back of the house. The huge man ran out the door and went crashing out the back window. Glass went everywhere and the bloody man went running through the woods outside. Three cops went after him and a nice man came in the closet and we jumped up and were so happy he was there. But soon we all wondered about the big scary man. The cops assured us not to worry about him and that he would be taken care of.

So the kids went back with their parents and I went home a little faster. Now the kids and I have become closer and I am now called for lots of baby-sitting for the Vandershmits. But for the first few times going back I was a little worried but everything turned out fine.

- Rebecca Jacobs is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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