Scary Story Contest: Kaytlynn Marceaux

While baby-sitting the new neighbors' children for the first time, Katie answered the phone and then the electricity went out.

The phone line wasn't dead yet, and the guy on the phone sounded desperate for help. He was screaming saying, "He's gonna get me and he's gonna get you and those kids, too!"

Katie then asked suspiciously, "Do I know you? Who is this?" the guy on the phone then said in a rush, "No! Stop! He's got me and he's swinging a metal pipe; help call the police!" The phone then was disconnected so Katie decided to call the police on her cell phone, which still had service. She then told the police her whole story and all they did was laugh and say, "Call us again tomorrow on Halloween little lady, then maybe we'll believe you." That's when she grabbed the kids and made sure they were by her at all times. Katie then made herself promise not to let anything bad happen to those kids. She then realized that her neighbor's house is the only house on the block with the power out. So she came to the conclusion that the breaker switch was flipped off. Katie knew that in her house the breaker box is located in the laundry room so she asked one of the kids, named Jake, if he knew where his laundry room was and Jake of course showed it to her. Then out of nowhere there was a rumbling sound coming from the laundry room so Katie was brave enough to try and turn the knob to the room and surprisingly it was locked. Joyce, the other kid she was baby sitting, then said, "My mommy keeps a set of keys above the microwave in the kitchen on the shelf and she always uses them to lock that door." Katie was stumbling in the dark looking for the keys and finally she came across them and opened the door. She then turned the electricity back on and left the room with the kids and was putting them back on the couch where they were watching a movie before they went to bed, but as soon as they left the room the door shut behind them and the electricity went off again. Now Katie didn't know what to do except wait for their parents to show up soon. Unexpectedly there was a knock at the door. Katie didn't know what to do so she peeked through the eyehole and she couldn't tell who it was because the electricity was out. Now in a panicked state of mind, Katie asked "Who is it?" The man then replied, "I'm the kid's father." Katie then wasn't as scared anymore. She let Kevin, the father in, and he asked her if she had called the cops and Katie of course replied, yes and they laughed at me. Kevin then realized his wife was missing so he asked Katie "Where's my wife!?" Katie then replied, "I don't know." Kevin then told her that he told his wife to meet him back here at the house and to tell you what happened. Katie then told Kevin everything that had happened and was interrupted by another knock at the door. This time it had to be Mercy the wife and mother of Kevin and the kids. Kevin then answers the door and let his wife in and both Kevin and Katie told her everything that had been going on and she was shocked. Then Mercy realized that they were talking in the dark and asked Katie why the lights weren't on and Katie then replied, "I was just getting to that part the lights went off twice and the laundry room door is locked with the keys in there. Mercy then remembered the extra key she had in their junk draw and unlocked the door and turned the electricity back on. Then they all went to the police with the kids and that when the cops apologized to Katie for laughing at her. They charged the guy with abuse but the guy was never caught and to this day people have said and reported to police about the guy and they have never caught him and to this day he is a legend waiting to be found.

- Kaytlynn Marceaux is a Tonganoxie Junior High School student.


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