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It's hard to be critical of something you get for nothing.

Datload 3 -- the third compilation of local and national hip-hop artists from Lawrence's Datura Records -- is free.

Not 99 cents. Not a shave and a handshake. Not a glass of goat's milk or a raven's eye or some muggle juice.

Free, dogg.

Which means that any pleasure derived from future listening experiences with said compilation should endear you to Datura owner Brent Lippincott for his dedication to putting out these free internet-only compilations every half-a-dozen moons or so.

Besides working behind the scenes for local hip-hop artists Approach, Deep Thinkers and Mac Lethal, Lippincott is a chronic networker. On Datload 3, Lippincott capitalizes on the newfound friendship between Approach and Souls of Mischief, part of the Oakland-based Hieroglyphics crew (the two acts toured Europe earlier this summer). Included are solo tracks from Souls members Tajai, Opio and A-Plus. While the Tajai track is a definite highlight, the other two are instrumentals that sound unfinished without lyrics.

On the whole, Datload 3 explores the darker side of experimental hip-hop, with introspective cuts from I.D. and Nezbeat of Archetype and a pensive collaboration between Beatbroker and Brother of Moses called "Not Your Average." Local producers Mad Awkward and Miles Bonny each contribute reflective, melancholy instrumentals, and Scribble Jam champ Mac Lethal chimes in with "Earth by Earth," a tongue-twisting number that smoothly employs the opening bass line from Jane's Addiction's "Three Days." KC rapper Reach's "Never Been Kissed" employs a narrative technique to tell the story of a childhood friendship and its tragic end.

On the lighter side of things, Leonard D. Stroy's "You Got It" is a brilliant Latin-beat track laced with Joe Good's pinpoint lyricism and DJ Sku's nimble scratching. And Caural's "They'll Make a Video Game Out of Killing People Like You" sounds exactly like you might expect, with blips lifted straight from old-school Nintendo games.

Not every track is as enticing as the one's lifted above, but with 21 to choose from you can mix-and-match to your heart's desire. And that's more than you ever expected for doing nothing.

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Datload III Tracklisting

1. The R.E. (Krisna Best) - Ode To Our Emancipation
produced by The R.E. (Krisna Best)

2. Beatbroker ft. Brother of Moses - Not Your Average
produced by Beatbroker

3. Been ft. I.D. from Archetype - The Waiting Man
produced by Been

4. Tajai - Raindance
produced by Domino

5. Opio - Automatic
produced by Opio

6. Clever Reverend - Clash
produced by Kid Called Computer

7. A Plus - Jungle Chiefing
produced by A Plus

8. Mac Lethal - Earth By Earth
produced by Kid Called Computer

9. Equalibrum - Spanish Nights
produced by Equalibrum

10. Leonard D. Stroy ft. Joe Good & DJ Sku - You Got It
produced by Leonard D. Stroy

11. Caural - They'll Make A Video Game Out Of Killing People Like You
produced by Caural

12. Sound Defects - Tom Collins
produced by Sound Defects

13. Johnny Quest - Justice
produced by Johnny Quest

14. Al Japro - Seasoned By
produced by Miles Bonny

15. Miles Bonny - State Of Being
produced by Miles Bonny

16. Mayday - Quicksand
produced by Plex

17. Paramount ft. Jak Progresso - Daily Basis
produced by The Don Ruckus
Paramount and Jak Progresso appear courtesy of Johnny23 Records

18. Mad Awkward - Abraxas
produced by Mad Awkward

19. Reach - Never Been Kissed
produced by Papa Calv

20. Nezbeat of Archetype - I'd Like To Believe You
produced by Nezbeat

21. Stik Figga - The Long Walk (demo)
produced by Decap


Jason Barr 18 years, 2 months ago

I absolutely love that Johnny Quest track! Hoo Ha, it's pipin hot.

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