KU "Survivor" update: Money well spent

While the final six contestants got closer to the $1 million prize, it was actually a mere $200 that made the difference for one player.


Danni Boatwright

"I'm next on the totem pole. I'm about ready to have my head chopped off," said Danni Boatwright, a former Jayhawk and current Tonganoxie resident.

As day 31 in Guatemala began, the contestants were gathered for a "Survivor" auction.

Danni spent $20 for a batch of beef jerky. But her best buy was a sealed clue that offered what host Jeff Probst described as a "huge advantage to (an immunity) challenge."

The other contestants passed on the opportunity, instead pooling their money for a reward that involved spending the night with a loved one that had flown to their remote location.

Judd won the right to hang out with his wife, and was given the opportunity to extend the favor to two others. He chose a pair of his other three alliance members, Stephenie and Cindy, whose boyfriend and twin sister, respectively, then joined in on the reward.

While they were gone, Danni plotted to try and get the target moved from her head to someone else's.

At the immunity challenge, contestants had to become human chess pieces on a tiled puzzle. The strategy was to to seal off competitors from being able to move to the next tile. When Danni got to open her envelope, the clue said: "Switch positions with any player."

At the opportune time, she utilized the card and swapped out with a clearly perturbed Stephenie, leading Danni to win her first solo immunity.

"Money well spent," she exclaimed.

Back at camp the jockeying for position began. When the ballots were counted, Judd received 4 votes to Lydia's 2.

Judd called his fellow players "scumbags" and vowed to get revenge on the turncoats from the jury box.


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