Re-do: Margie Hogue, Erin Gerstenkorn and Wess Sharpton


Margie Hogue: before.

Model: Margie Hogue

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Kan.
Age: 23
Occupation: Server at Teller's


Colorist Erin Gerstenkorn

Colorist: Erin Gerstenkorn

Hair stylist and colorist at Headmasters for 2.5 years.
Hometown: Topeka
Age: 22
"I am going to do a fun, heart-shaped pattern. It's not going to be too intense. It will fall and flow really nicely."
Going from a medium brown to a rich golden brown with lighter beiges and golds. Used color melting - bold colors in the hair without the stripe-y effect. This technique will grow out really well.
Hair this season: "People are going bold and vibrant, but natural not outrageous."


Stylist Wess Sharpton

Stylist: Wess Sharpton

Hometown: Bartlesville, Okla.
Age: 26
Occupation: Hair stylist/creative director at Headmasters for 2+ years
Consultation: "She has very thick, wavy hair. It's healthy. Right now it's become a little overwheming for her face. She's looking for a change but she wants to keep the length. So we're going to do a really kinda rock 'n' roll-y thing. I am going to put in a lot of layers. I am going to bring up her bangs and extend it to the side section in front so when she pulls it back it has a lot of interest...Think late '60s. Like a feminine Ramones."
Hair this season: "More kept, not as gummy. Less pomade, more organic product. More kept but natural. People with curls are loving that they have curls again... And we're showing women things to do as options. We work with real women: career women, students, mothers. We're showing them how to wear a really great ponytail or how to throw their hair up with pins. Five-minute options."
Favorite product: Air Control by Aveda. It's hair spray but we're using it in a different way. We're spraying the hair and using it with a kitty cat technique ... We go in and kind of paw at it and break it up. It's textured not sticky. It can thicken up thin hair and add placement to thick hair. It's a fantastic product for everyone. We can barely keep it on the shelf.
Common hair mistake: My boss Jim brought up a valuable point. I don't think people know how to shampoo their hair. On TV you see suds and suds. You're really only supposed to shampoo your scalp. And the conditioner is for the mids and ends. Your hair will absorb the natural oils it needs. And the mids and the ends are the parts of your hair that have lived the most life."


Margie Hogue: after.

Wess' education: Studied at Shag a Toni & Guy salon in Toronto. Worked at Headmasters in Lawrence for 2 years. Worked and studied at Bumble & Bumble in New York City for 2 years. Now he's back at Headmasters.
Products used in story:
Innerlight Tinted Moisturizer in 'Beachwood'
Mixed 'Bronze Patina' and 'Phlox' Cheek Tint sticks.
Aveda eye shadows: illumination, sunset, desert bronze
'Earth' mascara
'Fossil' lipstick
'Ginger' lip gloss.
(All Aveda products, all available at Headmasters.)


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