Choreographers to display short, new works

Spontaneity, experimentation, tradition and modernity all will have a place on the Lawrence Arts Center stage during the 13th annual Choreographer's Showcase.

Thirteen choreographers representing nine area dance companies will be featured in the performances at 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday.

Choreographers and their works include:

¢ Susan Warden, new artistic director for the Prairie Wind Dancers, with an improvisational piece that will allow the audience to see dancers create a work on the spot.

¢ Kimber Andrews, a former Prairie Wind Dancer and arts center teacher who now performs with aha! dance theatre in Kansas City, returns to share a transformational solo called "Peels," set to music by The Rachels. She also choreographed "Oh, So Quiet" for 10 dancers from the arts center's Ballet Ensemble, set to music by Bjork.

¢ Deborah Bettinger, artistic director of the Ballet Ensemble, has created four short dances, a trio, a duet and two solos. Among them are "Boo Boo Blues," to music by Meyer & Fleck; "Home Aerobics," to music by Strike Vilakazi; "Rachel," to music from Chorigilano's Red Violin; and "Josephine" to Yann Tiersen.

¢ Prairie Wind's Tuesday K. Faust has choreographed "I Do," a duet about two people separated by a barrier and searching for a way to get together.

¢ Travis Fischer, a member of the Kansas City movement collective Reach, created "Folding & Unfolding," a comic improvisational story of an outsider, danced with woven summer folding chairs as props.

¢ Ellie Goudie-Averill, a choreographer and member of the Bowery Dancers and an arts center teacher, has set a work for 10 dancers in the Ballet Ensemble to music by the Ramsey Trio.

¢ Molly B. Gordon returns with her Urban Jazz Dancers performing an upbeat, swing jazz piece to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's "Go Daddy-O."

¢ Jo Anne Zingo-Hargis, artistic director of Raghsidad, has choreographed a slightly jazzy Middle Eastern dance titled "Yallah" to "Nanafushi -- Satori Mix" by the Kodo Drummers.

¢ Four dancers from Ryanstrati & Company, including dancers in wheel chairs, will perform M. Suzanne Ryan's "In/Out," a modern dance work inspired by the angular and circular shapes of a wheelchair and set to music by Darrin Stelting.

¢ Christine Scott of the Bowery Dancers has choreographed "Psalm 151" for five dancers. The dance speaks of a personal journey as the music opens with Bach and shifts to modern composer Frente's "Ordinary Angels."

¢ Finally, three arts center advanced student choreographers -- Josephine Michener, Rachel Sanner and Joan Shopen, all members of the Pistachio Company -- will share three short solos. Michener's solo is titled "The Ice Cream Man" and set to music by Tom Waits. Sanner will perform "Sun," a quick-paced piece to Jan Kaczmarek music. And Shopen will perform a jazzy modern solo.


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