Supernauts, "Medicine & Love"

"Stop reading now. Suspend your opinions, suspend your animation. You have never been in this moment before and you will remember it for some time. This is the moment during which you first found out about Supernauts."

Ha ha, band bios are a real crack-up. Nothin' better than running around the office with a sidesplitting slab of rock-n-roll hyperbole, laughing at the poor schmucks who dare to hail themselves as the next big thing.

What's not laughable, though, is when the band lives up to its own billing. Supernauts will not be saving any lives or changing the face of music anytime soon, but it's a good bet they will be playing in front of a heck of a lot of people. The Independence, Mo., quartet has graduated only one of its members from high school, yet it has reportedly hooked up with Incubus' management team and had major labels chomping at the bit.

Sure, speculation is just that - speculation. But a quick listen to the first four tracks on "Medicine & Love" provides no reason to doubt the rumors surrounding the band. Supernauts make big-time music that's quite timely. Echoes of Phantom Planet, Incubus, Jet, Maroon 5, Coldplay and all kinds of hipper-than-whatever-comes-on-the-radio-next bands permeate the album. You can practically see the marketing blitz coming 'round the bend.

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Medicine & Love


The band shares a similar sensibility to KC's other big success story: The Golden Republic (recently signed to Astralwerks). Both bands demonstrate an ability to craft populist, radio-friendly songs with just enough originality to keep them on the side of critics. On a larger scale, Incubus and Jimmy Eat World are defined by such an ethic.

The other thing that sets "Medicine & Love" apart is the production. Box it up and throw a bar code on it - it's ready to go. Oh yeah, and the guitar solos and harmonies are pretty wicked, too.

Time will tell if Supernauts achieve the kind of success foreshadowed by this debut release. But one listen to "Last Headline" or "Number 4" should prove that the future is wide open for this very promising foursome.


snautlover 17 years ago

I love this band and, Mr. Gintowt, you've written a wonderful review here. I urge anyone reading this to go and experience Supernauts' live is amazing...the word amazing doesn't even do justice. It's life altering. Thanks Richard...

NoOneHereGetsOutAlive 16 years, 12 months ago

Oh My God!!!

These guys are one of the most exciting bands I've heard or seen in a LOOOONG time!! Just for the hell of it I went to a club they were playing at and they just blew me away. Their website has the entire album there to listen to. The tracks here are awesome, but so is every song on the cd. I bought a cd at the first show I went to (autographed of course) and have been to see several of thier shows, including the CD Release Party at Jilly's in KC,. The live show is even better than the album!! They are a must see!!!!!!! Rock On!!!

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