Review :: The Afterparty, "Forever After"

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

They rarely play shows, they occasionally write songs and they don't give a damn if they ever "make it." They're Kansas City's The Afterparty and they have a great little homemade disc out with some gratuitous nipple action on the cover and some very non-gratuitous songwriting.

Like Ryan Adams, singer/songwriter Danny Fischer sounds like he could pull a hit song out of his ass with his hands tied to a tetherball pole. Which is not to say his writing is careless; it's just carefree - the kind of carefree that Bob Dylan and The Band sought with "The Basement Tapes."

Fortunately, Fischer has a makeshift bar-band in tow to rope in his sprawling vision. The result is something more akin to Luna or a less bloated Bright Eyes, with a reverb-soaked tape deck and a flask of whiskey to keep it rolling 'til the early morning...

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Forever After