Review :: Get Up Kids, "Live! At the Granada Theater"

By way of full disclosure: The Get Up Kids have been my favorite band since I was an angst-driven 15-year-old living in a town I didn't like full of people I couldn't stand.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was the only person I knew with any interest in music that wasn't played on the radio or MTV. I somehow discovered No Idea Records and ordered TGUK's albums "Woodson" and "Red Letter Day." Soon, I was completely caught up with the band and had everything through "Something to Write Home About."

As I was graduating from high school in 2002, "On a Wire" came out and - along with every other hardcore fan - I wondered "Where the crap did this come from?" The band that so perfectly sang about life and missing home was gone, but I held on. "Guilt Show" was a big step back in the right direction; not my favorite record and not my least. I figured for sure the next disc would be right on target. Not to blow smoke up my own ass, but I was right. Alas, it comes as a bookend to band's career.

Several months before TGUK announced that they were ending their 10-year run, Lawrence's marquee band recorded this aptly titled release, "Live! At the Granada Theater."

The songs selected for the recording commemorate the band's career appropriately with every album being well represented. Reviewing each individual track would be pointless - these are the same songs you already know well (or have avoided). Perhaps if you've never heard the Four Minute Mile songs live, you'll be impressed by the incorporation of keyboard by James Dewees, who joined the band after that album. Also notable is the extended "Red Letter Day" intro. Other than that, these are faithful, no surprises renditions.

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Get Up Kids

The only downside of the album is that it ends abruptly with "Is There a Way Out," one of the slower tracks from TGUK's last release, Guilt Show. They should be well aware by now that crowd favorites are "Ten Minutes" and "I'll Catch You" - why not make the last song of farewell show one for the fans? That said, live performances that are as entertaining as a TGUK show can turn a band you kinda like into a band you will always love - and "Live!..." captures that essence.


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