Deep Thinkers, "Necks Move" (2005)

For the attention-span impaired, here are 10 quick reasons to pick up the Coup de Grace re-release of "Necks Move" from Kansas City hip-hop duo Deep Thinkers.

1. You missed it the first time.

2. You bought it the first time. You lost the artwork and this one looks cooler anyways.

3. Leonard Dstroy is quite possibly THE most innovative hip-hop producer in the area.

4. Brother of Moses is quite possibly THE most conscious emcee in the area.

5. You can't remember the last time you bought a hip-hop CD with 75 SOLID minutes of material.

6. You were waiting for an MC who had the guts to drop the F-bomb on "Vibe," "Source" and "XXL."

7. You are a fan of Amon Tobin, Prefuse 73, Dead Prez, Anti Pop Consortium et. al.

8. You are a Lawrence/KC hip-hop connoisseur and you simply MUST have every CD that features a guest spot from Approach, Mac Lethal, SoundsGood or Beatbroker.

Album Mp3s

Album cover art
Necks Move


9. You are entranced by the band's bio, which modestly states that, "Leonard Dstroy and The Brother of Moses have been creating rhythm on the turtle shell for the past 2,655 moons."

10. There's not a single good reason not to.


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