Review: The Prarie Acre, "Bluegrass Motor Mart"

Not seeking to reinvent the wheel (and not shying from spinning it backwards), The Prairie Acre delivers solid bluegrass in the Monroe/Stanley lineage.

The Lawrence quartet splits 50/50 on traditional numbers and originals, pulling off the rare feat of succeeding both ways. All of the hallmarks of tip-top bluegrass are in effect: smooth male/female harmonies, good musicianship and a live vibe afforded by the home atmosphere where "Bluegrass Motor Mart" was recorded.

The band flies the L-town flag on "The Prairie Acre Song" ("High upon the hill / With the Wakarusa Valley below / The south wind whispers to the prairie acre / As the long years they come and go") while "Nothing Better To Do" injects a little melancholy into the mix ("I've got nothing better to do / Than to wait right here for you").

Throughout "Bluegrass Motor Mart," The Prairie Acre adheres to strict conservatism that is likely to earn them a loyal following among the NPR "Trail Mix" crowd. Fans of more adventurous bluegrass will likely be unenthused, but that doesn't seem to be a concern for The Prairie Acre, who unapologetically offer these time-tested tunes from the friendly confines of their living room.


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