Generations of area fans cherish 'Star Wars'

It's not just 12-year-olds buying lightsaber toys and standing in ticket lines for hours to get a peek at the latest "Star Wars" flick. It's college students, moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas.

With 28 years passing between the first "Star Wars" and the final sequel, the outer-space saga has turned into a shared experience for many families. After all, one generation's "Star Wars" geek is the next generation's parent of a "Revenge of the Sith" geek.

This week we asked Journal-World readers for ways the Force has brought members of their household together. Here are a few highlights:

Darrin Monroe writes, "I grew up loving 'Star Wars' (I was 8 when the first film came out), and I couldn't wait for my kids to see the original trilogy. All three of my sons, ages 6, 4 and 2, have become huge fans and watch the first three films as often as I will let them.


Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ***


The sixth and final installment in the Star Wars series is the darkest yet, and the only with a PG-13 rating. Though everyone knows Anakin Skywalker's development into Darth Vader is the focus of the movie, the story of how he gets there is about as dramatic as the series gets.

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"They all have lightsabers, and during one recent 'fight' my 4-year-old, portraying Luke Skywalker, was being backed into the chair I was sitting in by Darth Vader (my 6-year-old). As Luke fought for his life, he turned around and said, 'I love you, Dad,' then returned to his battle. It was great!"

Fowler Jones writes, "My son Skyler, age 6, saw 'Episode IV' two months ago and is now a bona fide 'Star Wars' convert. It's been a blast watching the films again and seeing it through the eyes of someone who's never encountered it before.

"But perhaps the angle that I find most satisfying is the place where our generations have crossed paths unexpectedly. I recently found a sound file online that featured Bill Murray's rendition of the 'Theme from Star Wars' (with lyrics) from the old 'SNL' Nick the lounge singer sketch. Now we both sing, 'Star Wars ... talkin' 'bout those crazy Star Wars,' all the live long day."

Megan Helm writes, "I was 8 when the first movie came out. I used to put the soundtrack on the record player in my room, turn off the lights, put on my hooded bathrobe and wield my cardboard gift-wrap-tube lightsaber. I was Meggie-Wan-Kenobi, Obi-Wan's secret Jedi daughter. None of that wimpy Princess Leia stuff for me.

"One Christmas I looked everywhere for hooded bathrobes for my three boys. Now we put the soundtrack on the CD player, dress in our hooded bathrobes, turn off the lights in the playroom and wield our plastic flashlight lightsabers with real action noises. Of course, someone always gets hit in the head and starts to cry, but the sentiment is the same. The Force is with us."


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