Solagget, "The Delivery"

Wichita is on the rise.

And we're not just talking about the Wichita State Shockers almost making the NCAA tournament. No, here's the real shock: Wichita's MUSIC SCENE is on the rise.

Yes, the scene known for the last 10 years mostly for yielding Split Lip Rayfield, is fielding some damn good bands lately: The Kirk Rundstrom Band, Ricky Fitts, Pink Nasty, and - today's shocker - Solagget.

This instrumental three-piece has been gaining a following across the state thanks to some opening slots with The Kirk Rundstom Band. Recalling the complex and flighty soundscapes of bands like Tortoise, Gastr del Sol and Euphone, Solagget crafts intelligent jams for those who don't dig on typical jam-band wankery. If anyone witnessed The Jimmy Chamberlain Complex at The Bottleneck two weekends ago, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Primarily a guitar/bass/drums attack (and thoroughly skilled on all of the above instruments), Solagget fleshes out these studio-based compositions with keyboard, bells, cello and lots of auxiliary percussion. The album's six songs (which total 52 minutes) intently shift though well-worked themes and movements that alternately employ mellow jazz progressions and cascading rock riffs. It's a compelling listen from start to finish that's intricately woven and expertly executed.

So put your Wichiskepticism aside - and order up "The Delivery."


foreign_exchange 18 years ago

wichita has been a good scene for a while, but what do i know, i'm not a lawrence elitist. oh "The Deliver" came out a while ago too. if you enjoy solagget, you will most definately like This Great October, surprisingly from wichita as well.

Shelby 18 years ago

I have this CD and it is great. I saw them in the west bottoms and was instantly hooked. I think the first track is actually the weakest, while the rest are absolutely brilliant.

themoonflower 18 years ago

Solagget is better than all of you.

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