KU vs. K-State "Survivor" update: Wildcat sent packing

Thursday, November 3, 2005


Brandon Bellinger voted out on Day 19.


Danni Boatwright

The four Yaxha members merged with the larger Nakum tribe as day 19 commenced.

Whereas before Jayhawk Danni Boatwright and Wildcat Brandon Bellinger always held a majority alliance at their camp, on the new team -- christened Xhakum by Danni -- they were immediately outnumbered and targeted.

"I think Bobby Jon and I are first on the chopping block," Bellinger rightly assumed.

A new twist was introduced: Somewhere in the jungle a handsized immunity idol was hidden. If found, it could be presented like a get-out-of-jail card at any tribal council.

The first reward/immunity challenge also presented a fresh strategical dilemma. The members were shown a yummy feast and told they could immediately start eating or take part in an immunity competition -- but not both. Four of the Nakum veterans opted to gorge. Among them was Jamie, who openly taunted the competitors as they tried to balance clay pots on their heads.

Danni proved not very skillful at being a pothead, and hers slipped off and broke. Her former teammate Gary eventually won the hazing-like contest.

Back at camp, Jamie was chastised for his openly hostile attitude toward the newcomers.

With cockiness on display, Jamie revealed to Brandon that everyone would be voting for him. But with tempers flaring, the opportunity arose for the former Yaxha quartet to try and convince someone to defect from Jamie's "evil empire."

Brandon said, "I'm gonna crap my pants if it works out like that."

Despite a contentious tribal council, there was no pants-crapping to be had. The Wildcat lost a six-to-four vote that split on predictable tribal lines.

As Brandon made his final exit, his last words were whispered to Danni. Though barely audible, the microphone picked up, "You're like the sister I never had."