30 years of KJHK: Brandon Burke

Why'd you involve yrself with KJHK in the first place?

I wanted to see if Kelly Corcoran really wore size 15 shoes.

Did you do any special programs worth mentioning?

I did a few: Analogue Dub, Land of the Free, Human Compositions, This is Our Music.

Any particularly fond and/or wierd memories of Kjhk you'd like to share?

One time, student government election results happened to be during my 20th century classical show. I had to switch over to the news team every 15-or-so minutes for coverage and the updated polls. Fair enough, right. Until you realize that thousands of students are listening to KJ at election parties all across campus. Imagine the scene: hootin' and hollerin', radios blaring, waiting for the next update ... all the while, rocking out to Stockhausen, Feldman, and Penderecki. Motherf*ckers were PISSED. Thank god Michael Klausman was with me that night, the phone never stopped ringing.

You still kinda wish you were a KJ dj, don't ya? You can tell me...I promise I won't tell anyone...

I still miss being at KJ. Tried the student station while at grad school in Austin but it just wasn't the same.

What are you up to these days?

I'm an archivist for an audio collection in California.

Here's one more go at being a Lawrence arbiter of musical taste: Listening to anything lately worth sharing?

Been catching up on all of the ethnic folk LPs Brooks has been telling me about for the last several years.

True or False: Radio is a dead format and we should jump this sinking ship like doomed rats. Know that if you answer "True" we will mention to readers that you are in fact wrong.

False. When I can, I listen to KJ at my desk at work. The only time it trips me up is when a DJ mentions something like snow that we never see here in SF.


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