30 years of KJHK: Jacki Becker

Founder of Plow the Fields local music show, currently Lawrence live music promoter

Why'd you involve yrself with KJHK in the first place?

i used to be one of those kids my freshman year in college who would call up and request music all the time (i was the girl that requested "negative creep" by nirvana over and over again). i never thought i could ever have the opportunity to actually be on the radio. i was a creative writing/poly-sci major. however i was eating pizza at rudy's and the at that time program director told me he thought i had a nice voice and asked i if i might be interested in becoming a dj. it was then i took the obligatory 3-6am shift for the summer.

How have yr experiences w/ KJ helped/hindered your life now?

i think it is ironic that so many of us attend college not really knowing what we are going to do once we get out. i thought i was going to go to graduate school and become a professor. little did i know that all my goofy radio interviews, concert promotions and program directing would ultimately morph into the job i have today. life is weird like that, but KJHK (and i know i say this all the time to any of the kids who work at the station now) really is the reason i do what i do. it gave me the opportunity to take something i love so dearly and turn it into a profession.

On a scale from 1-10, how badly do you secretly wish to still be a college radio DJ? (10 being really badly)

haha... don't we all want to be a dj though? it's kinda like secretly wanting to of been the prom queen in high school....you never want to admit that the tiara would of ruled while you danced to your favorite song....


cvillehawk 17 years, 5 months ago

Say, Jacki, didn't you work there when Lance Foster was PD? Was he the one who "recruited" you? He was great about that - he dragged me in to help cut promos one day and totally helped bring me out of my shell.

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