30 years of KJHK: Justin Montag

Breakfast for Beatlovers cofounder, currently working at Project 2050 in New York

How has your experience at KJHK affected what you do now?

I made a number of great friends in Kansas and across the country while working at KJHK who have helped me become who I am today. Anyone out there interested in the entertainment/music industry should get involved with KJHK. The experience and connections you can make at KJHK are invaluable. I moved to New York in the fall of 2002. After brief gigs at Turntablelab and Definitive Jux Records I began working at Cornerstone Promotion. At Cornerstone I handled promotions and consulting for The Fader Magazine, Nike, Apple, Outkast, Kenna and a number of other clients. After working three years at Cornerstone Promotion I took a position for the Miss Universe organization. I worked as an assistant press coordinator for their pageants in Bangkok and Baton Rouge, which ended in June. I'm currently working for Project 2050

(www.p2050.com). Project 2050 is a lifestyle marketing and consulting firm based in New York. I'm currently project managing campaigns for Honda and 20th Century Fox. In addition to the full-time hustle I help manage, consult and tour manage for Airborn Audio and My Best Fiend. Airborn Audio is composed of M Sayyid and High Priest. formerly of Anti Pop Consortium. My Best Fiend is an up-and-coming rock group from Brooklyn.

Why start Breakfast for Beatlovers? How did you pitch it? What are your thoughts on the format continuing on the station today?

I started Breakfast for Beatlovers for a couple of reasons. The Journalism School had recently conducted a survey and wanted the station to increase the amount of students who listened. I was Program Director and felt the station was a bit rock-heavy. My thoughts were a little

more variety could increase our listeners. Professor Snodgrass, one of the all-time greats at KJHK, and myself came up with the idea. I think he might have come up with the name as well, not sure it was a pretty late night. I'm psyched the program is still up and running. Every time I hear it's still on the air I can't believe it. I honestly thought it wouldn't make it more than one semester. It's pretty cool and rare when you have the opportunity to hear King Tubby followed by Model 500 and then Rick Rock.

There are obviously a lot of college radio stations out there. In your opinion, what makes KJHK stand apart?

I think KJHK stands out because it's in the middle of the country, which some may see as a bad thing but I think it helps. If a track or album makes its way to KJHK you know it's gonna be quality. There is so much crap music out there that the rest of the country acts as a quality filter. You're also not biased to sounds coming from either coast.

Finally, are there any hilarious anecdotes/life lessons that you wish to share with everyone (KJHK related or not)?

One KJHK memory that I'll never forget is taking the RZA up to the station in my 96 VW Passat, He got in the car looked around and said "Ahhh we some dormitory ass niggaz now" then I popped in one of my funk mixtapes and he commented "ahhhh we some break beat niggaz" ...


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