30 years of KJHK: Matt Dunehoo

Why'd you involve yrself with KJHK in the first place?

I'd first heard KJ visiting Mike Walker when he was living in Hash, and I was still in high school. I remeber hearing the Dandy Warhols, and thinking: "Cool!" Then, I ran into Dave "Delicious" Lichius at an outdoor music festival as a freshman, signed up for promotions staff, and the rest is history.

What show did you do, and why?

Started at 3 in the morning, Wednesday mornings. One of the few freshman on the air, scraping ice off my car to head towards the station. Played my favorite bands for insomniacs and stoners. Brought a few of each with me on a number of occasions. Eventually did a number of different rock slots, as well as Plow the Fields, when Kliph Scurlock told a naughty naughty on the air during a live performance ...

What postition did you hold on exec staff?

Served as promotions director, music director, eventually station manager in my fourth year at KU, a pleasure.

How have yr experiences w/ KJ helped/hindered your life now?

I am hindered by my nostalgia for a kinder, simpler time. Helped by meeting so many great people, and having the credit of involvement at a reputable station to my name. Hindered by the many possible internships I never went for. Discovered a treasure trove in the stacks.

What's yr fondest/wierdest/worst memory of KJ?

Fondest, wierdest, and worst memory of KJ: Trying to conduct an all-staff meeting via puppet show, starring Gary "The" Hawke. Fond: Innumerable cigarette breaks with Patrick Giroux. Fond: Sitting in on Tom Humphrey's many Plow the Fields live in-studios. Fond: making mix CDs in the basement before one Christmas, for my family, culling from the archives. Fond: Filming a KJHK promo with D. Lichius for a production class. All fond, sad, and forever, the wettest response possible ... Leah Humphrey, Tom Humphrey, David Day, Amy Grill, Sam Fisk, Brad Shanks, Becky Lake, Judy Jetson, Greg Franklin, Jacki Becker, Marie Diespenza, Patrick Giroux, Amy Stortz and Mike Walker and the Heavy Heavy Monster sound, Eric's Radio Babylon, Dierks, Montag and Giroux at Gavin, New Orleans, wildest 48 hrs ever. CMJ. Both, unbelievable times, including getting on the bus with Willie Nelson, free everything, and piling 10 to a bed. Kareem's Hip Hop Hype. Having every beautifully ratty promo announcement burned into my memory. Hegeman (who played Codeine while I was home taking a nap between classes, blowing my mind.) Carlena Haley, Gary Hawke ... everyone who was a part of it, all those left off this short list. I will always love KJHK.


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