30 years of KJHK: Peter Granitz

Before Peter Granitz worked for KJHK, he was possibly best known as the guy from Wisconsin who played ice hockey or the guy with the long hair who saw Phish over 40 times in concert.

So it may have been a surprise to some when Granitz became station manager in 2004. In actuality he embodied exactly what the station is about.

Of his experience at KJ he says he "wanted KJHK to be a champion of local business" and "as diverse as humanly possible." Lofty goals, yet, as the 2005 donor numbers have shown, local support is at an all-time high and diversity at the station could not be more, well, varied.

For now, Granitz is taking his experience in leadership all the way to Africa where he'll work with the Peace Corps in Gambia.

"KJ has a lot to do with why I was accepted to the Peace Corps and why I was motivated to join - the experience changed my life."


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