Kansans adjust to new tribe in 'Survivor: Guatemala'


Danni Boatwright

Jayhawk Danni Boatwright and Wildcat Brandon Bellinger adjusted effectively to being switched to the new Yaxha tribe. Although Brandon didn't exactly appreciate the city folk and East Coasters in his new group.

Brandon said, "I'm from the great state of Kansas. I'm used to the more farming-type people -- the hicks, the rednecks."

On the first reward challenge, Brandon single-handedly bested the rival Nakum tribe by cutting through ropes using a rock, which ultimately helped unleash a wooden cart that transported his team to the finish line. He completed the entire course before opponent Jamie could cut through one rope.

"You could say I won it," Brandon admitted.

During the immunity challenge, Nakum rebounded and bested the Kansans' tribe during a catapult-and-net game of catch.

With the vote to send someone home looming, Danni admitted to not being a fan of "Golden Boy" Blake.

"I don't like that frat boy stuff at all," she said.

At tribal council, the balloting resulted in a three-three tie between Blake and Brian before Danni launched the surprise swing vote. Danni's choice broke with her original tribal alliance and sent Blake packing.


Brandon Bellinger voted out on Day 19.


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