Survivor: Nakum rolls over Yaxha in reward challenge

Both tribes go to tribal council


Danni Boatwright


Brandon Bellinger voted out on Day 19.

Day 15 of the 39-day competition began with a reward challenge that pitted Jayhawk Danni Boatwright and Wildcat Brandon Bellinger's Yaxha tribe against their rivals in a two-on-two game involving a giant ball.

A rotating combination of team members challenged their competitors by trying to bush the ball across the other's goal line.

Danni and Amy won twice. Brandon and Bobby Jon lost their only attempt, leading to a testosterone-fueled shouting match with opponent Jamie.

Ultimately, the Kansans' group was rolled over.

"They're bigger. They just got more weight," Danni tried to console her losing teammates.

Host Jeff Probst (a Wichita native) then announced a break from the show's formula by requiring both tribes to vote someone out.

Subsequently, the first individual immunity challenge (a word-scramble puzzle) was introduced, which ended with Rafe wearing the gaudy immunity necklace.

After the Nakum tribe unanimously kicked out Margaret, Rafe got to sit in on Yaxha's tribal council. He was also given the opportunity to grant an immunity vote to one of the rival players that would remain sealed in an envelope until the first balloting had finished.

Despite Danni calling Brian "a classy, classy guy," she and everyone else on her tribe voted the Ivy League student out.

There was no last minute call from the governor to stop the execution, as Rafe's immunity pick was revealed to have been given to Gary.


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