Theater schedules comedies for Labor Day

English Alternative Theatre presents a double-bill of comedic one-acts by Kansas University students for its annual Labor Day Special at the Lawrence Arts Center, 946 N.H.

The show starts at 8 p.m. Monday; admission is free.

"Medea Gets a Life," by Stephen Moles, retells the Greek myth with Medea being condemned to relive and repeat her murderous deeds for all eternity. When the play begins, her current reincarnation is as a discontented Midwestern housewife living in a university town like Lawrence.

"Oscar Gets a Pair," by Danny Solomon, is about a director who has decided to cap his career by making an Oscar-worthy pornographic film with the help of two famous actors and a pornography producer.

Moles and Solomon wrote their plays in a playwriting class in the KU English department taught by Paul Stephen Lim, who is also directing the two plays.


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