What are you reading?

Emily Robbins, Kansas University graduate student, Lawrence

"I just finished 'Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith,' by Anne Lamott. It's the author's memoirs about her struggle as an author with faith and as a single Christian mother."

Bran Belglwynn, theoretical psychologist, Lawrence

"'Science of Science and Reflexivity,' by Pierre Bourdieu. It's a sociology of reflexive autopoiesis, which is self-creation using self-organization systems."

Holly Charlton, MySpace editor, Lawrence

"'Shock Value.' It's by John Waters. It's subtitled: 'A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste.' It's horribly funny."

Katy Wade, barista, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'Mission to America,' by Walter Kirn. It's about a guy who is part of this cult, and he goes out to recruit more people. It's a satire of American religion."

Adam Lott, sandwich maker, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'Herzog,' by Saul Bellow. It's about a guy who is a little too hard on himself."


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