What are you reading?

Stephanie Busetti, waitress, Lenexa

"I'm reading 'The Godfather,' by Mario Puzo. I've seen bits and pieces of the movie, but I've heard it's better to read the book before you watch it."

Brook Morgan, baby sitter, Lawrence

"'Dirty White Boys,' by Stephen Hunter. It's about a prison break from the McAlester State Penitentiary."

Julia Peterson, singer/songwriter, Lawrence

"'The Razor's Edge,' by W. Somerset Maugham. It's about a European writer observing his aristocratic friends."

Tom Weiss, retired, Lawrence

"A novel by Donna Leon called 'Aqua Alta.' It's a mystery that takes place in Venice during the high water season."

Mark Lippelmann, Kansas University senior, Lawrence

"'Tractatus Logico Philosophicus,' by Ludwig Wittgenstein. It's a 20th-century foundational philosophical text."


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