Stories for June 2006


Friday, June 30

Film keeps Superman's adopted home flying high

Passing through southern Illinois on their way to Nashville, Diana Brown and her son Colin saw the signs pointing the way to this town's Superman Square and its colorful bronze statue of the Man of Steel.

Streep a perfect fit for 'Devil Wears Prada'

Meryl Streep may be one of Hollywood's most revered dramatic actresses, but she is a natural born comedian.

Night & day: Songwriter Pete Yorn embarks on unusual tour

For those who've always wanted to be a member of the crowd that takes part in the recording of a live album, Pete Yorn is providing that opportunity ... many times.

Thursday, June 29

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Review: MotoGP 06 (360)

Longtime fans of the series will love the beautiful graphics, and newcomers will be blown away by how excellent the controls and physics are. Any racing fan with a 360 owes it to themselves to experience this game.

'Superman Returns' an epic, elegant triumph

Think what you will about men in tights who fly around beating up bad guys, but superheroes are our modern-day equivalents of ancient Greek Gods. Director Bryan Singer ("The Usual Suspects") abandoned the "X-Men" franchise after two movies to take the squarest and ironically most powerful of all the costumed outcasts and revitalize his story like Christopher Nolan did last year with "Batman Begins."

Nelson-Atkins to open building in June 2007

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will open its new building June 16, 2007, it was announced Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 28

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'Barber' School

Local jazz combo goes double-trouble with weekly gigs

While dozens of wannabe rock bands soil the local dives with angst-ridden turdbombs, Floyd the Barber quietly goes about its business of playing left-field jazz for a crowd of thoughtfully imbibing bystanders

Review: Astonishia Story (PSP)

If you're a fan of the classic RPGs from the 16-bit days and you've got a sense of humor you might find some enjoyment in Astonishia Story. However, if spending $40 on a glorified Super Nintendo game doesn't sound appealing you may want to reconsider.

Austin Carpool Jamboree to visit

With gas prices hitting record highs, Austin, Texas-based musicians Abi Tapia, Southpaw Jones and The Ginn Sisters are pooling resources and gas money for a tour through the Midwest.

It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a downer

There is a shot in "Superman Returns" - literally - that is a tour de force at conveying the powers of a superhero. A thief pulls a pistol on Superman (Brandon Routh) at point-blank range and pulls the trigger. In slow motion, the bullet goes directly into the hero's eye, where a close-up reveals the metal flattened like Play-Doh. A low angle view peering up at the men details the projectile falling harmlessly to the ground.

Thousands sign online petition to support bar

One by one, they put their memories in print. "I met my fiancee at the Crossing," Jason McDaniels wrote. "Please don't do this," Ted Martin begged. "My first kiss was there."

Tuesday, June 27

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Review: Sudoku Gridmaster (DS)

Despite the annoying layout, Sudoku Gridmaster achieves its goal: To present fans of the game with a portable archive of electronic Sudoku puzzles. At $19.99, it's a definite bargain for a lot of replay value.

Lawrencians at their best when rubbing elbows

Everybody needs a little Sousa now and again.

Monday, June 26

Review: Cars (PSP)

The console version was an open-ended adventure, the DS version was a smattering of minigames, but this one is a straight-up arcade racer (and it's better for it).

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Metal School

Mean Dean the Metal Machine DJs weekly educational sets of his preferred genre

If the University of Kansas ever opens up a "Professor of Metal" position, Mean Dean "The Metal Machine" Edington will be first in line. Credentials include: founding KJHK's long-running "Malicious Intent" program, serving a tour of duty with the venerable Relapse Records label, founding his own company Machine Management and seeing Metallica 23 times. Edington teams with DJ Skullcrusher Cruz (Stevie Cruz of The Esoteric) and the Don of Metal (Don Akerstrom) to bring "Metal School" to the Replay Lounge patio every Monday night. "It's an opportunity to remind myself that it doesn't all suck," Edington explains. "I'm concerned about the kids learnin' them metals right." So grab a skull-eraser-capped pencil and join our podcast classroom as Professor Edington throws down the abbreviated history of heavy metal.

Environmental artist reveals new 'Direction'

The lift jerked upward, and suddenly the wild grassland of Pendleton's Country Market grew a bit more distant.

Sunday, June 25

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Review: GTA: Liberty City Stories (PS2)

One of the biggest issues I had with the PSP version of LCS was the controls. The lack of a right analog stick was a noticeable annoyance, and the missing shoulder buttons made some situations more difficult. This console release thankfully fixes those problems.

Organ recital to be accompanied by slides

Lawrence-based organist and composer Sabin Levi will give an organ recital at 3 p.m. Friday on the renowned Temple Organ at the world headquarters of the Community of Christ church, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Mo.

Lawrence Book Club News

¢ Intergenerational group together after 15 years ¢ Sorority alumna unite over love of reading

Off-duty police needed to aid security, owner says

Officers prohibited from working at bars, but city leaders open to revising policy

When it comes to the bar and nightclub industry, city staff members are researching all types of ideas to improve security - ranging from closed-circuit television cameras to more strict licensing requirements.

Alpha Woman

During the many years after our father's death, the strong alpha woman, our mother, failed physically, victim of an orphan disease, heart disease, auto-immune disease, and aging: She grieved.

Saturday, June 24

Review: the Harvey Girls, Superargo at the Gaslight Tavern

A cozy night under the stars with out-of-this-world electronica and indie pop goodness.

Friday, June 23

You can't handle the 'Inconvenient Truth'

The negative reviews the movie has received have been from opposite side of the political spectrum as the film's narrator and partial subject, former Vice President Al Gore. This is not a political movie.

Global warming peril exposed in 'Truth'

Global warming sure is a tough sell. Al Gore equates it to this analogy: If a frog jumps into a beaker of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if placed in one where the water is room temperature and then heated, the frog will sit there the entire time until it boils to death. "An Inconvenient Truth" offers a more expanded exploration of this idea, with humans as frogs and global warming as the boiling water.

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'Earthwork' in progress

Lawrence artist and filmmaker team up for ambitious project

Filmmaker Chris Ordal and artist Stan Herd are comparing wounds. A long day of constant raking while roasting in the Kansas sun has produced red skinless circles in the spot between Ordal's thumb and fingers. Herd recalls the newcomer's initial brush with making crop art: "That first day Chris got out here and started raking and got this blister on his hand, and he goes, 'This is like real work, isn't it?'"

War protesters arrested

Chanting Iraqi names, group refuses to leave Army center

A group of war protesters covered themselves in tomato paste, walked into a local Army-recruiting office Thursday afternoon, linked arms and refused to leave. They were protesting the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in November at the hands of U.S. Marines in the city of Haditha, an incident that remains under investigation.

Thursday, June 22

War protesters cause disruption

A group of war protesters cause a disruption this afternoon at a local military recruiting office.

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Review: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)

Capcom's other collections included interesting videos and extras to complement the ports, but this one is extremely bare-boned. If that doesn't bother you, don't hesitate to drop the $29.99 for some classic fighting games.

Protesters removed from Army recruiting office

They linked arms and chanted the names of Iraqi war dead

Protesters splashed in red link arms in recruiting office and resist police.

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Review: Metal Gear Solid DGN (PSP)

The best aspect of Digital Graphic Novel is definitely the extremely polished presentation and art style. It manages to take static images off the page and truly make them spring to life. Transitions from frame to frame are unique and fun to watch, and action scenes are brilliantly edited.

Three pennies for your thoughts

In-your-face musical challenges young actors

Forget what you know about "traditional" theater.

Business deal may force closing of The Crossing

Building that houses bar sold, may become mixed-use development

Kansas University students and professors thirsting for an after-school beer may soon have to look farther down the road.

Feeling the flow

Tranquil sights, sounds make Water Garden Tour a peaceful destination for this weekend

For my sneak peek of Lawrence's annual water garden tour, owners at two sites were kind enough to open their doors for a preview.

Wednesday, June 21

Review: Cars (PS2, Cube, Xbox)

I can see this title being a lot of fun for young fans of the film that aren't familiar with more advanced racing games. The story mode offers a lot of gameplay and features characters kids are sure to enjoy. For gamers familiar with the speed and thrills of something like Burnout or Mario Kart, however, it just doesn't offer anything new at all.

Review: Cars (DS)

Cars for the DS is completely different than its console brothers, abandoning the latter's free-roaming world and race-driven gameplay for a collection of minigames. Some can be slightly entertaining and might satisfy a younger crowd, but the extremely short length of the game promises a brief experience.

Tuesday, June 20

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Turn on the bright 'Lights'

Blackpool Lights unveil anticipated debut on self-made record label

When The Blackpool Lights unveil their debut album June 22 at Kansas City's Grand Emporium, they will be celebrating the triumph of the spirit as much as the spirit of the rock band Triumph.

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Review: Point Blank DS

Substituting the DS stylus for the standard light-gun is a novel idea that actually works. Sure, it makes it a little easier to aim accurately, but Point Blank is just as much about speed as it is aiming.

Artist giving presentation at Fields

Janet Satz, the artist who created "Modular Series: Arrangements in Space," will give a talk June 28 at the exhibit site, Fields Gallery.

Kids can still join summer youth theater

The Lawrence Arts Center's Summer Youth Theatre program has openings for fourth- through seventh-graders in next month's production of "Destry Rides Again." There's no audition needed for roles as cowboys, cowgirls, showgirls and villains. The production runs from July 5 to July 22.

Monday, June 19

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Review: Stacked (PS2, Xbox)

Obviously, anyone can sign up for one of the many online poker sites for free and get a quality poker experience with real opponents. That's the inherent difficulty with making a game like Stacked. How do you make it worth paying $29.99 for something that people can get for free?

Sunday, June 18

Academy announced for youth musicians

Kansas University's School of Fine Arts welcomes the International Institute for Young Musicians (IIYM) Summer Music Academy to Lawrence for another year of student music study and competition. IIYM, led by Scott McBride Smith, is an internationally recognized course of study for young pianists and string players from around the world.

Reception planned for arts commission leader

Newly appointed Kansas Arts Commission executive director Llewellyn Crain will be welcomed by arts communities in a series of receptions statewide, including a visit to Lawrence on July 7.

Poet's Showcase

"Poet Laureate," by Carol Grieb

Best sellers

Saturday, June 17

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Reflecting on Wakarusa

Organizers discuss highs, lows and future of festival

Wakarusa media coordinator Heather Lofflin recalls speaking with a fan who frequently travels from one concert festival to the next. He told Lofflin after Sunday's finale that Wakarusa was his favorite one because he always felt like "I had grown by the time I left." Those involved with Lawrence's predominant musical event can share the sentiment.

Attention book clubs

Lawrence is full of readers, and the Journal-World wants to know what's going on in your book clubs.

Friday, June 16

Art a la carte

Ever wonder how museums came to be? An exhibition opening Saturday at the Spencer Museum of Art looks back on how early collecting evolved into the institutions we visit today to view art, cultural artifacts and objects of modern science.

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Review: Gradius Collection (PSP)

Overall, Gradius Collection is a competent assortment of some classic games, but I'm not entirely sure it's worthy of the $39.99 price tag. The main draw to this title is the inclusion of Gradius Gaiden, which is the most entertaining of the bunch in my opinion.

Black fights for laughs in 'Nacho Libre'

When it comes to cinematic sight gags, there are few images this summer that can rival Jack Black in Mexican wrestler's gear. Already fashion-challenged because his character is poor, pudgy and an occupant of the 1970s, Black looks simply hilarious in his red-and-blue Lycra uniform. A tight-fitting mask provides no added menace as it barely covers his prepubescent-style mustache. The whole outfit somehow makes his unsightly body look even less streamlined.

Thursday, June 15

Review: 'George M!' cast puts on feisty show

Just when you think director Mary Doveton can't possibly mount a bigger musical in Lawrence Community Theatre's space, along comes "George M!" Packed with stage-filling production numbers, this fast-paced show presents 26 of George M. Cohan's songs, strung together by the storyline of the arc of Cohan's ego and audacity.

Sci-fi book signing planned at Oread Books

Kansas University's Oread Books plans a book signing featuring 10 noted authors of science fiction and fantasy on July 8.

Governor's Arts Awards recognize Lawrence standouts

Two of the eight recipients of the 2006 Governor's Arts Awards are from Lawrence. Dee Hansen, associate professor of music education at Baker University, was recognized for her role as an arts advocate. Dave and Gunda Hiebert were singled out for their vigorous support for the arts as patrons.

Tuesday, June 13

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Hardware review: DS Lite

It's hard for me to say anything negative about the original DS considering how much fun I've had with it, but it's even harder to go back after experiencing the Lite. Anyone who has been holding off on purchasing a DS, now is the time.

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Review: Jaws Unleashed (PS2, Xbox)

A fully free-roaming Amity Island is your playground, complete with packed beaches, sunken ships and jet skis. Most of the fun is found in simply swimming around, causing mayhem and terrorizing the island.

Wakarusa inspections infuriate the ACLU

Members of the American Civil Liberties Union attempted to file an injunction to stop blanket vehicle searches outside of the Wakarusa Music Festival this weekend, saying the police action may have been unconstitutional.

Monday, June 12

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Review: Big Brain Academy (DS)

If this title was the first in the Brain series to be released, I probably would have liked it much more. Brain Age spoiled me with progress tracking and sudoku, which leaves me more than a little disappointed with Big Brain Academy.

Police presence dampened fest, campers say

It was a peaceful scene on the ridge overlooking the Wakarusa Sun Up Stage. Dudes in outlandish headgear twisted in rhythm with the folksy tunes of Brothers Past. A couple of flowery girls spun enormous hula-hoops around their hips, staring off at the stage.

'Cars' cruises to the front of the pack with $62.8 million

The animated comedy "Cars" raced to first place at the weekend box office with a $62.8 million debut, maintaining the Disney-Pixar cartoon brand's undefeated record with a seventh straight hit.

Sunday, June 11

Review: Danielson with Evan Saatoff and namelessnumberheadman at the Bottleneck

For folks just coming down from the Wakarusa buzz...or for others who couldn't afford to join the throng of festival goers....the Bottleneck offered up headliners who straddled the border of indie rock and Christian pop.

Arts center selects scholarship winners

The Lawrence Arts Center has selected the recipients of the Carmine Ballere Dance Scholarship for the 2006-2007 year. Adriana Gramly, daughter of Marlena and David Gramly, and Juliet Remmers, daughter of Bill and Ruth Remmers, were selected. Olivia Fox, daughter of Laura and Bryan Fox, was selected as an alternate. Auditions for the scholarships were in May.

After three days of music, madness, heat and police, Wakarusa hits high note

Crowds soak up atmosphere, tunes

Bainbridge Fitzgerald, 7, was ready to hear the band Keller Williams & the Keels take the stage Saturday evening at the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival. It was the soon-to-be third-grader at Wakarusa Valley School's third Wakarusa festival. His family's mere presence this year is a testament to their enthusiasm for tunes and the event's outdoor atmosphere.

Norway's Hurra Torpedo plays everything but the kitchen sink

Hurra Torpedo just added a new instrument to its repertoire. It's a vertical two-door refrigerator which, when bashed with a bicycle seat, should have a nice ring to it.

Youth theater to present comedy

The Lawrence Arts Center's Summer Youth Theatre Program will perform "The Tales of the Arabian Nights Mice" this month with a cast of more than 50 students. The comedy will feature a Sinbad rap and band of limelight-loving thieves.

Baldwin theater plans 'Little Shop of Horrors'

The Baldwin City Community Theatre will present "Little Shop of Horrors" later this month with cast members from Baldwin, Lawrence, Topeka and Gardner.

Historical novelist to sign new book

Tom Mach, Lawrence resident and author of the historical novel "All Parts Together," will sign copies of his new book at 2 p.m. Saturday at Borders, 700 N.H.

Best sellers

Poet's showcase

"The Colors of a Summer Evening," by Mary Suggs

Plea to festival-goers: Bring your plastic

I am standing in line at the liquor store watching two dazed and confused Wakarusa Festival-goers pay for large bottles of tequila in small change.

Van Go announces fundraising event

Barbecue, boat rides and live music will be part of the third-annual "What Floats Your Boat?" fundraiser for Van Go Mobile Arts JAMS (Jobs in the Arts Make Sense.)

NPR show to visit Kansas City

NPR's weekly news quiz show "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" is coming Thursday to Kansas City, Mo., for a live show hosted by KCUR, 98.3FM.

KU dance department announces residencies

Kansas University's dance department will be host to two guest artist residents for the 2006-2007 school year.

Saturday, June 10

Review: Magnetica (DS)

In terms of portable gaming, Magnetica is quite good. It's very possible to pick up and play for a quick challenge or a long-lasting puzzlefest. Worth picking up for anyone who is looking for a change from the typical puzzle formula.

Review: OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (PS2, Xbox)

If you never played the original Outrun 2SP, then the 2006 edition is definitely worth at least a rental. It's easy to learn and the Coast 2 Coast mode gives you a wide variety of gameplay that's enjoyable on a very basic level.

Concert creates good vibes for area businesses

Liquor, grocery, big-box stores see sales soar

Cash drawers are popping and the dollars are dropping as thousands of Wakarusa Festival attendees head for the shops to buy everything from booze to bug spray, incense and "hippie clothing."

More than Lip service

Vivid imagination, optimism fuel band's fantastical tunes

It's safe to say that The Flaming Lips are a world unto their own. Their concerts are a psychedelic swirl of balloons, animal costumes and strobe lights, and that's to say nothing about the fake blood.

Lawrence drummer adjusts to gig with the Lips

Kliph Scurlock is careful to not become distracted onstage with The Flaming Lips. If the drummer isn't paying attention, he can end up with a mouthful of confetti - or worse - courtesy of singer Wayne Coyne's accurate tosses.

Sitar player carves out own La La land in music industry

Don't judge Gabby La La by her small stature. Or her cuteness, for that matter.

Medical personnel see variety of ailments

As of Friday evening, about 60 people had been given minor medical treatments at the Wakarusa Festival. About 30 had been given more sustained treatment in the medical tents, and 15 had been sent to the hospital, according to Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.

Logistical problems strike sour note for some

It sounds like the ideal menu to market at a hippie-filled music festival: smoothies, wheat grass and organic, locally raised meat.

Friday, June 9

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Heat beats down on Wakarusa

They bought bags of ice and they hung out in the mist tent, but crowds at the Wakarusa Music Festival didn't let the harsh sun prevent their fun.

Wakarusa medical tents relatively quiet

Fifty people have been treated for minor problems

An update from the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival.

NASCAR king climbs aboard for animated 'Cars' ride

If you're going to make a movie about stock-car racing, you're going to talk to Richard Petty.

Women of Wakarusa

Concert festival dominated by females behind the scenes

Media coordinator Heather Lofflin is securing passes for a reporter from Japan. Finance manager Christina Meir is auditing ticket sales.

Festival in full gear

Music fans amuse themselves as traffic moves at a snail's pace

The west side of Lawrence was a dreadlock-filled gridlock Thursday, as thousands of music fans jammed traffic on their way into the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival.

Youngsters walk through traffic to tae kwon do

Parents dropping their children off at the corner so they can walk more than a block amidst a traffic jam to karate camp is not an everyday sight.

Medical tent may curb trips to LMH

Last year's Wakarusa Fest generated about 60 visits to Lawrence Memorial Hospital's emergency room.

Animated 'Cars' lacks drive

The streak is over. Since the debut of "Toy Story" in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has been responsible for one of the greatest streaks in motion picture history.

The Mutaytor brings circus atmosphere to outdoor fest

When Matty Nash was a child, nothing could satisfy his racing attention span quite like the circus.

Thursday, June 8

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Wakarusa swings into gear

Out-of-towners have flooded into Clinton Lake State Park for the third annual Wakarusa Music Festival, which kicked off at 8 a.m. this morning.

A post-modern 'Brick' that upends convention

In the low-budget yet endlessly stylish neo-noir "Brick," the familiar posture of disaffected youth manifests itself in the most bizarre way. The problems of high school cliques are not new, and like any generation, the kids of bleak and sunny San Clemente, California have developed their own distinctive slang. It just happens to be delivered like the fast-talking, super-cool detectives of Hollywood past.

Theater gives its regards to composer

Musical pays homage to 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' writer

George M. Cohan's critics considered him a flag-waver, and he probably saw that as a compliment.

State rains on Wakarusa parade

Festival didn't have lease for event

There won't be a Mardi Gras-style parade Saturday at Wakarusa Fest. It's been canceled. But don't blame the weather.

Walkin' Wakarusa

Your guide to getting around the festival grounds

Now in its third year, the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival is positioned to draw about 15,000 people a day to Lawrence. Supposedly, four out of five ticket buyers aren't native to the area. So here's a handy map of the event and today's lineup for those who might not be exactly sure what they're getting into.

Area artists awarded in Mulvane Mountain fair

Three Kansans won awards at the 14th Annual Mulvane Mountain/Plains Art Fair on Saturday.

EMU Theatre planning auditions

EMU Theatre has scheduled auditions for its upcoming 10-minute play festival.

Highway patrol drug check greets fans on way to fest

Inspections an effort to curb crime this weekend

As thousands of revelers began pouring into Lawrence for one of the nation's biggest outdoor popular music festivals, the Wakarusa Festival's promoter complained Wednesday that police had jerked the welcome mat by setting up a three-day check lane to stop drivers as they exited Interstate 70.

KU School of Fine Arts publication wins award

The creators of Kansas University's School of Fine Arts 2005 annual report received a silver medal in the recent Council for Advancement and Support of Education Circle of Excellence competition.

Wednesday, June 7

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Review: Lemmings (PSP)

Like the PSP remakes of Mega Man X and the original Mega Man, this is a genuinely fun title that I can't fully recommend for purchase thanks to the high price for a game we've all played before.

Regulations for clubs should respect music scene, operators say

City commissioners want more time to think about security options

Figuring out how to quiet nighttime violence and crime in downtown shouldn't quiet the city's music scene, several downtown nightclub operators said Tuesday as city commissioners considered new regulations for bars and clubs.

Art Guild announces 2006-2007 officers

The Lawrence Art Guild announces the board members and coordinators to serve in 2006-2007. Elections occur at the May meeting each year.

Tuesday, June 6

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Review: Steambot Chronicles (PS2)

When the words "free roaming" are used to describe a video game most people think of the Grand Theft Auto series or one of its many copycats. Enter Atlus' Steambot Chronicles, a free roamer that feels more like a Sunday stroll in the park than a Saturday night drive by.

Monday, June 5

Style scout: Sasha Roe and Grady Wison

Our weekly perusal of style as seen in Downtown Lawrence...

Calls to action

Kansas Mutual Aid hosts benefit to aid New Orleans prisoners, environmental activists

If you happen to obstruct the flight path of a pigeon, you better hope you're not in the view of a New Orleans cop. New Orleans resident Mayaba Liebenthal has seen her friends arrested for such offenses. She's also seen them arrested for riding a bike with one hand or "loitering" at a bus stop (a.k.a. waiting for a bus). "Here in New Orleans, people are well aware that this is exactly what happens," says Liebenthal, a prison-rights activist with the New Orleans-based Critical Resistance office.

Tease photo

'Missile' Re-Launch

Conner goes statewide with bigger, better 'Hello Graphic Missile'

Flagship Lawrence rock outfit Conner will seek to reach a national audience this summer with the release of "Hello Graphic Missile" on Seattle's Sonic Boom Recordings. Compiling tracks from the band's first two self-released discs, the 13-song collection has been remixed, remastered and capped off with some wicked-cool 3D ink.

Tease photo

In the mix

Mixtape Media crew embarks on high-stakes studio venture

When Jerett Fulton moved into the downtown apartment that he planned to turn into a six-figure recording studio, he discovered that the previous tenant had left behind a few relics. Stuffed into a closet were dozens of cardboard boxes packed with the goods of once-proud Lawrence studio/label Mercy Records...

Tease photo's Wakarusa 2006 Best Bets

Our must-sees for this year's festival...

Sunday, June 4

Review: Rockstar Table Tennis (X360)

After playing the game, it becomes apparent that Rockstar can make solid titles that don't involve beating hookers with golf clubs. Table Tennis features some truly deep and strategic gameplay that can be an absolute blast at times.

Tease photo

Pop reunion

Artist recreates former selves with dolls inspired by '80s toys

It wasn't an Easy-Bake Oven. Or an Astronaut Barbie. Or a Speak & Spell.

Artist entries sought for Lawrence ArtWalk

Fine artists are invited to participate in this year's Lawrence ArtWalk, which is the annual self-guided tour of Lawrence artists' studios and other art spaces. The Oct. 28-Oct. 29 event will be the 12th year that artists will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work to the public from their own workspace.

Watkins museum opens new exhibit

A former American Indian reservation northeast of Lawrence, Bismarck Grove, is the subject of a new exhibit at Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass.

Prose, poetry sought for literary contest

The Kansas Authors Club is seeking entries for its 2006 literary contest. Both prose and poetry will be accepted.

Lawrence artists' work displayed at Capitol

Work from Lawrence artists are part of an exhibit titled "Sunflowers" on display at the office of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

Poet's showcase

"Diamond Head, Hawaii," by Beverly Boyd

Mexican Fiesta includes dancing, food, fun

Mexican dancing and food will be part of the 25th annual two-day Mexican Fiesta at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 1234 Ky.

Van Go plans fundraiser at Clinton Lake Marina

Members of Van Go Mobile Arts will throw their third annual bash and auction fundraiser at 6 p.m. June 17 at the Clinton Lake Marina.

Friday, June 2

Tease photo

The high cost of low price

Filmmaker targets Wal-Mart corporation through community-based screenings

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald recalls learning from a neighbor who had been hired at Wal-Mart that the man was unable to afford the company's health insurance. However, management suggested he apply for state-subsidized health coverage, which was paid for by California tax dollars.

'Break-Up' breaks down why romance fades

"They don't write 'em like that anymore" repeated Greg Kihn in his 1981 hit "The Breakup Song." That observation also seems to be the prevailing sentiment when it comes to making romantic comedies. What once was a genre characterized by witty flirtation and key misunderstandings has been hijacked by gross-out humor and illicit stalking.

Thursday, June 1

Repression and joy flourish in 'The Notorious Bettie Page'

If the real Bettie Page is as elusive and naÃive as the film's wandering screenplay would have us believe, then it's a good thing there's more to savor here than Gretchen Mol's striking resemblance to Page

Tease photo

Review: The Da Vinci Code (PS2, Xbox)

Hardcore fans of the Da Vinci Code book must be absolutely horrified lately. The movie has been getting almost exclusively terrible reviews, and this new licensed game is an absolute mess in many ways. Attempting to cash in on the huge success of Dan Brown's novel, it ends up being an absolute bore in most aspects.

Area students among theater honorees

Outstanding students in Kansas University's department of theater and film were honored with awards and scholarships in two ceremonies last month: the Stage Supper, and the Film Student Recognition Ceremony and Tensie Awards presentation.

Growing together

Lawrence touts strong crop of community gardens

Community gardens seem to be popping up all across Lawrence. Green thumbs are taking control of unused green spaces and transforming them from drab, generally weed-infested bits of land to plots that produce a bounty of healthy harvests to nourish hungry bellies.

Art fair in Topeka begins this weekend

The 14th annual Mulvane Mountain/Plains Art Fair will be Saturday and Sunday at Washburn University, Topeka.

Sounds of summer return to park

City celebrates 100 years of music

Let the summer season begin. Well, the music season, anyway.