Alpha Woman

During the many years after our father's death, the strong alpha woman, our mother,

failed physically,

victim of an orphan disease, heart disease, auto-immune disease, and aging:

She grieved.

So uncomfortable, no longer able to drive her car,

becoming dependent on

beloved others for help with the ordinary tasks of life (though grateful she can

still read.)

Life would be very bleak indeed if I couldn't read, Mom told us.

So difficult to let go of her distinguished position

as leader

of her family of five grown children who leaned on her

generously given

love, advice, and approval through many years. Her children

are not

as needy now - grown up, stronger; we have

other resources.

Mom's children, five of us, who treasure the blessing of

our roots,

are very grateful for our

wings, too.

- Katie Lashbrook lives in Lawrence.


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