Austin Carpool Jamboree to visit

With gas prices hitting record highs, Austin, Texas-based musicians Abi Tapia, Southpaw Jones and The Ginn Sisters are pooling resources and gas money for a tour through the Midwest.

They'll pile five people, three guitars, a flute, 17 harmonicas and boxes of CDs into one mini-van, and they'll stop July 8 for a show in Lawrence.

The performance will be at 7 p.m. at the Gaslight Tavern, 317 N. Second St. Tickets are $8. For more information, call the Gaslight at 856-4330 or visit

Singer and songwriter Abi Tapia calls Austin home, but she has lived in nine states, and her music reflects the spectrum of Americana. The inviting warmth of the South, the expansive Midwestern Plains and the pluck and determination of a New England Yankee are all audible in her simple, honest and ear-catching tunes. Abi's latest CD, "One Foot Out The Door," is a collection of 12 songs about love, leaving, coming home and holding up a honky-tonk. Visit for information about the CD.


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