What are you reading?

Sarah Skelnik, Kansas University sophomore, Lawrence

"'The Things They Carried,' by Tim O'Brien. It's about him looking back on his 20s and how fighting in the Vietnam War changed his life."

Kendra Smith, pizza place employee, Lawrence

"'The Zombie Survival Guide,' by Max Brooks. It's basically a humorous guide on how to survive a zombie takeover."

Bruce Weldon, territory manager, Olathe

"'Timeline,' by Michael Crichton. It's about a group of medieval archaeologists who are transported back to medieval France. They find out that it was just as violent as today's society before they are transported back."

Andrew Kroeker, unemployed, Lawrence

"I just finished 'Don't Think of Elephants,' by George Lakoff, Howard Dean and Don Hazen. It's about how progressives think, how there is a lot of division among them and how to bridge those gaps."

April Hawkins, teacher, Eudora

"I'm reading 'The City of Ember,' by Jeanne DuPrau. It's a young-adult science fiction fantasy about a city with lights that are generated by humans, but they are running out of power."


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