E3: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wii

Now a full Wii launch title, how does it translate to the wand?

Dan's take:

Well, this is the THIRD E3 where we've seen this game. In 2004, I was blown away by the bombshell announcement/trailer. In 2005, I saw the new trailer and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Now, in 2006, I got to play the game and realize just how much crazy potential this has. I walked away from the demo thinking "There is NO WAY that this game will not be one of the best of all time." Tons of dungeons, a huge world, a fantastic visual style and the fact that it will be available at launch make me a very happy gamer. When I first started aiming the bow, I had a little trouble getting used to it. As seems to be par for the course with the Wii, I got the hang of it fairly quickly. The boss fight is a blast, requiring you to shoot a shining jewel on his head, followed by equipping iron boots, pulling him down and slashing him repeatedly in the face. Swordfights are as entertaining as ever and are helped by Link's spin attack being performed by spinning the controller in a circle. This is the game that we've been waiting for since 1998. This is the true spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time.

Kevin's take:

Twilight Princess was probably the Wii game that I spent the most time with, and in fact, I completed the demo twice. The combat and control is very intuitive, with control mapped to the nunchuck part of the Wii controller, and simple attacks and inventory taken care of with the Wii-mote's face buttons and trigger. The Wii-specific functions of the remote were handled very well. For instance, if you wanted to shoot an arrow, you selected them in your inventory, then you used the Wii-mote to aim on-screen precisely where you wanted to shoot the arrow. Very cool stuff. Not only that, but when you get into heavy combat, you can push the Wii-mote towards the screen, and you'll parry the enemy with your shield, disorienting him for a few seconds, allowing you to do some real damage. Also, you can spin the nunchaku controller around to have Link perform a spin-attack. I was really impressed by how easily the Wii controller was to pick up and use, and also how intuitive it was to use both the Wii-mote and the nunchuck together, especially with a traditional Zelda game. Oh yes, and the game looks stunningly gorgeous. Twilight Princess is poised to be THE game of the Wii launch, and possibly the best Zelda game of all-time.

Chris's take:

The Gamecube game that we've all been looking forward to every since Spaceworld in 2000 is finally coming to the Gamecube AND the new Nintendo Wii. Naturally it is the Wii version that I now yearn for and you should too. The Gamecube version wasn't even shown at the show actually, and is probably only releasing for the purple box so as to not upset fans who have been promised a realistic Link game on the cube for years now. The game looks good, feels very good with the Wii controller and brings back fond memories of Ocarina of Time, the game that Twilight Princess seeks to dethrone as best Zelda title ever. The story behind the game remains elusive and will probably remain so until it's release this fall with the launch of the Wii, but it's already very apparent that this game will be fantastic. Zelda, as with all of Nintendo's past Link titles, will be a system seller of the highest degree.


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