E3: Lost Planet - 360

One of Capcom's strongest showings

So Lost Planet was one of those games that I was looking forward to, but not really actively seeking out, just because I knew that the demo that was promised to be released on Xbox Live would be available when I got home from E3. However, actually seeing the game in-motion on the show floor changed my tune immediately. Lost Planet looks extremely nice, and it has some very fun gameplay to complement it as well. The gameplay is very akin to other 3rd-person shooters, with a heavy emphasis on action, with a touch of exploring here and there.

The firefights are fast and frantic, and explosions are extremely satisfying when you cause one. This game had many little details that I could go on and on about, but I'll save that for the review when the game comes out later this year. Needless to say, I'm really excited to see how Lost Planet turns out, and if you have a 360 I strongly suggest downloading the demo.


Twin_Eagle 17 years ago

Only problem I have with the game and I hope Capcom improves upon this is the running speed of the main character, its a bit slow.

Andrew Monshizadeh 17 years ago

compared to parasite eve he is flying, i might even hazard to say he is more moving at warp 9.9.

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