E3: Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3

The FPS hopes to make waves on Sony's new console

I actually wanted to like this game. It was one of the better looking titles in the PS3 booth and reminded me a lot of Call of Duty in terms of style and appearance. Quite frankly there were not a lot of good looking titles at the Sony Press conference as has been noted across the web, but I thought this one was different. The games control's were noticeably sluggish, the weapons rather generic, piss poor A.I. and while the graphics looked pretty good on the 50 ft. screen, it was much less impressive up close. While not an ugly game at all, it still did not match games like Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 (A first generation launch title no less) or a number of other PC titles available on the show floor. There is still plenty of time for improvement however so we can all hope that it'll be cleaned up and rounded out in time for the PS3 launch this November 17th.


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