E3: Too Human - 360

Silicon Knight's long-awaited epic looks awesome behind closed doors

Too Human is a game that I have been following for the course of nearly ten years now. Originally announced as a PS1 game, Too Human has gone through many different iterations, but this year it was finally playable at E3, and although it seemed to be in an early stage, Too Human has some unbelievable promise to it. The combat is deceivingly deep. It's one of those easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master types, where the right analog stick controls all of the melee combat, and the two trigger buttons controller Baldur's(the character) guns.

With some impressive special moves, and incredibly intuitive melee controls, the game is a blast to play, albeit with a few bugs at this stage of development. With strong philosophical and moral themes underlining the awesome combat and story to Too Human, this is definitely one of the games that I will watch the progress on very closely.


Twin_Eagle 17 years ago

Ahh Norse Mythology I so want this game.

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