E3: Warhawk - PS3

How does Sony's motion controller function perform?

Kevin's take:

Warhawk was going to be one of Sony's "trump cards" in the PS3 arsenal to combat the 360 and the Wii this year, as it was the only game that actually used the newly-announced (and newly-developed) "6-degree" tilt functionality of the PS3 controller. Graphically, the game looked barely better than Crimson Skies on the original Xbox. The draw distance was impressive, but the textures on the player's ship and on everything in the world was sadly a bit disappointing, as most of them were blurry up-close. Unfortunately, the game played just as good as it looked.

The tilt control mechanic in Warhawk was way too loose, and watching myself play the game made me queasy, and for a minute, I actually thought I was drunk while playing. Unless things change between now and the launch of the PS3, this game is definitely not a good reason to cough up $600+ for a PS3.

Chris's take:

I was really looking forward to this title as I was a big fan of the original Playstation Warhawk back in 1995. Why they haven't bothered to make a sequel until now is simply beyond me, but that's beside the point. While the wonky PS3 motion sensing controller really threw off the experience for many I really believe that with further refinement and more time with the controls it will work well. In fact, here I am writing about Warhawk after I spent half the day playing with the Nintendo Wii, so even in the light of Nintendo's superior controller technology, I still enjoyed my time with the all new Warhawk. The graphics still needed some work and the explosion animations for much of the enemy aircraft were still missing, but this game clearly shows a lot of potential and is one of the very few PS3 titles that I really have faith in.


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