Stories for October 2006


Tuesday, October 31

'Borat' a fearless, hilarious high-wire act by star of 'Da Ali G Show'

Every now and then, a movie comes along that changes the rules. "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" is one of those movies.

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Work Is An Engine

'What you do is what you are' says the bucolic Kaw Valley Project

Suppose an architect, an EMT, a schoolteacher, an environmental technician and a wine-loving student of Seneca get together and form a rock and roll band, each member skilled in several instruments... can they actually rock?

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Smells Like Teen Civics

LHS students wage a campaign against voter apathy

If you follow politics closely, or even at all, you're more than likely a cynical bastard. Disastrous wars, sexual predators in Congress, corruption and graft that would make Boss Tweed weep:such is the Machiavellian manure heap that passes for our government these days. Throw in a public discourse that consists mainly of Rush Limbaugh's bloviating jowls and Alan Colmes' neutered-burn-victim whining, and you've got a recipe for full blown voter malaise.

Monday, October 30

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Review: Bully (PS2)

The setting is the true star of Bully. It may run on the same engine as GTA and feature some similar gameplay elements, but Bullworth Academy provides a completely unique and entertaining backdrop.

Trial starts in Baldwin killing

Hinndley Espinales accused of pulling the trigger in anger

There's no dispute that a 25-year-old man shot and killed a member of his extended family earlier this year after a night of drinking at a birthday party in Baldwin, his attorney said.

Review: Spectral Souls (PSP)

In practice, Spectral Souls is a disaster and like the worst disasters, it's one that could have been avoided.

Review: Avatar (PSP)

The PSP version of Avatar is sure to please some fans of the show with its presentation, but the sluggish combat is so grating that only the most die-hard fans will bother finishing.

Review: Avatar (DS)

The DS version of Avatar is sure to please some fans of the show with its presentation, but the flawed battle system and difficult boss fights are sure to turn others off.

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Bad rap

Following murder of Lawrence rapper, local artists speak out on the cultural stereotype equating rap with violence

Anthony Vital's bullet-riddled body was recently found by police in a field outside Lawrence. At first, no details were released. Police didn't announce the cause of death until three days into the investigation. But that didn't stop some locals, armed with deep-seated stereotypes, from forming their own conclusions.

All in a day's work

From responding to disasters to teaching CPR, Jackson Sellers finds meaning in volunteering

The KU student in political science chooses to give his life meaning through giving his time for the needs of others, particularly through the American Red Cross, where he's volunteered for the last 15 years.

Style Scout: Jeromy Cain

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*based on actual news

Review: Reservoir Dogs (PS2)

If you loved the film, stay the hell away from this game. If you hated the film, stay the hell away from this game. If you've never even heard of the film, stay the hell away from this game.

KU cast gives 'Teeth' to Wilder play

Despite heavy third act, production of 1942 work stays fresh

Guest director Karen Paisley and her cast have breathed more life into Thornton Wilder's 1942 Pulitzer Prize-winner "The Skin of Our Teeth" than most productions even approach.

Sunday, October 29

Review: Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP)

This portable version is largely the same, with longer load times and a few added games (and a few that were unfortunately omitted).

Review: Ace Combat X (PSP)

Skies of Deception is a very fun game, but longtime fans of the series might get that "been there, done that" feeling.

KC Singers present free concert

The Kansas City Singers will present a free concert at 3 p.m. today in the Kansas City Central Library's Helzberg Auditorium, 14 W. 10th St., Kansas City, Mo.

Jolie Holland at The Granada

Cabaret crooner Jolie Holland mixes piedmont blues guitar with brushed jazz drums and elastic vocals that hint at classic singers like Billie Holiday.

Fashion, talent show promotes recycling

Local arts, fashion and talents will be on display during "planet fashion," a fashion and talent show set for Thursday.

Artist serves 'Last Supper' on plates

Series by KU alumna documents final meal requests of death-row inmates

Before moving to Oklahoma, artist Julie Green never thought too intensely about the death penalty.

Saturday, October 28

Review: Destroy All Humans 2 (PS2, Xbox)

Improvements have been made this time around, but not enough to make it a truly immersive open-ended game. Destroy All Humans 2 has a few side missions and collectibles, but not quite enough to escape that semi-linear feel.

Review: Avatar (PS2, Cube)

Instead of settling for a simple action adventure, the game's developers decided to go for a full out hack-and-slash action-RPG, something not often seen in kid's games.

Friday, October 27

Terminal family illness galvanizes Volunteers

It will be easy to spot Volunteers frontman Tyler Jack Anderson and his fellow family members at his band's CD release party: They'll all be dressed as Coneheads. The cylindrical bald wigs will be appropriate for the costume-themed celebration, but the reason behind them is far more serious.

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Greener pastures

From hippie hangout to art gallery, Fields calling it quits after 38 years

The year after the Beatles released "Strawberry Fields Forever," Kansas University dropout Kim Kern opened a hip little head shop on Massachusetts Street and named it after the psychedelic anthem.

Capote's story is compelling, yet again

The first shot fired in the battle of the dueling Truman Capote biopics hit the bull's-eye. Last year's "Capote" was a tense, powerful drama focused tightly on the reporting of "In Cold Blood." Now comes the new Truman show, "Infamous."

Watkins Museum features family fare

Watkins Community Museum, 1047 Mass., is featuring two family programs on Saturday.

Fictional 'Death of a President' misses its target

George W. Bush is assassinated in the fictional, futuristic documentary "Death of a President." And the point is ... what, exactly?

Former Spencer director gives gift to museum

Dolo Brooking, who served as director of education from 1972 to 1981 and recently retired from arts administration at the University of California, Dominguez Hills, has given a monetary gift of an undisclosed amount to the museum to continue the legacy of a cross-disciplinary project called "Musing in Museums" that she created at the Spencer in the late 1970s.

Thursday, October 26

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Review: Clubhouse Games (DS)

If you've played previous installments of Touch Generation games, you should have a good idea of how Clubhouse Games fits into Nintendo's pick-up-and-play philosophy.

Review: GUN Showdown (PSP)

GUN: Showdown manages to take the entire console game from last year, and shrink it down to portable size without losing much quality.

The green muse

Wetlands inspire work of artists, writers

Tom Mersmann doesn't have to drive far to feel like he's out in the middle of nowhere.

School of Rock the Vote

Civics lesson teaches teens value of political issues

Dozens of Lawrence teenagers cast votes Wednesday and here's what they decided:

Wednesday, October 25

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (360)

With this 2007 version, EA hasn't quite re-invented the wheel, but they've added enough to make it a fresh experience.


Appetizers known for fueling social scene in Spain gaining foothold in Lawrence

Sure, Spanish tapas are delicious. But Merche Martin Cereceda likes the foods just as much for what they represent.

Tuesday, October 24

'70s attitude runs amok in funny, unfocused 'Running with Scissors'

"Running with Scissors" is a preposterously over-the-top and funny satire of the '70s. Written and directed by "Nip/Tuck" creator Ryan Murphy, it is essentially a tale of the "me" decade run amok, with the open attitudes of the hippie generation exploding in a fractured mess all over the nuclear family unit.

Monday, October 23

Arrest made; slaying details emerge

Major Edwards held on federal gun charges

A "person of interest" in the death of a Lawrence man found shot in a field in rural Douglas County has been arrested in Mississippi on gun charges, the sheriff's office announced Monday.

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Rockin' Bones

The Spook Lights serve up a raunchy recipe for Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Preheat a ten-gallon cauldron over a blazing fire of hemlock boughs, several strips of black leather and two or three datura flowers. While the cauldron is heating, burn photographs of Jayne Mansfield and Richard Simmons, as many as you like. Reserve the ashes in a Tupperware container. When the cauldron begins to smoke, add five heaping skulls-full of rockabilly, a dram or two of surf music ...

Style Scout: Lex Sova

Who Knew?

Crackpots, visionaries and idiots savants-Lawrencian finds fame and fulfillment through exposing the overlooked treasures in America's backyards.

When Don Mayberger began publishing his "quick and dirty" music 'zine 26 years ago, he never dreamed it would someday reach more than a quarter of a million people each week.

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*based on actual news

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Project: Recycled Runway

Local designers and boutique owners take advantage of disposable culture to create eco-friendly fashions

Andy Warhol once said he'd rather hang a dress on the wall than a painting. Loni Hosking, local fashion designer and owner of Ecoboutiquo, sees fashion as an art form, too. But she'd be damned if her masterpieces weren't worn.

Douglas County youth encouraged to take part in political process

Douglas County youths can make some political noise by attending a Rock the Vote concert Wednesday at Liberty Hall.

Sunday, October 22

Book notes

¢ KU grad launches Lawrence guidebook ¢ Wally Emerson signing set for Oread Books

True Boo

Kids books provide frights, sights and delights

Halloween is around for only one day each year. But little kids who can't wait for Halloween to come and who hate to see it go can enjoy its frights, sights and delights any time through some of the latest picture books with Halloween themes.

Potter builds up culture with clay

Mexican artist to visit Lawrence for Gallery Walk

As a 12-year-old boy, Juan Quezada began taking long trips to the mountains near his village in northern Mexico to collect firewood for his family. He went alone, and as he walked he scooped up shards of beautifully painted pottery left behind by artisans of a bygone culture. He admired the precise geometric decoration painted on the remnants, and in his spare time, he dug clay and tried to make his own pots.

When pictures speak louder than words

Two young painters make social statements on canvas

Their goals are the same, and ambitious even for young adults: to change the world with a brush and canvas. Their tactics vary greatly. One uses in-your-face stereotypes from the past to confront racial issues. The other uses a deep respect for American Indian traditions to battle social problems. In studying to become professional artists, friends Will Willmott and Anson Weeks Stancliffe have, themselves, become a study in artistic similarities and differences.

Arts notes

¢ Missionaries to discuss Kenyan relief program ¢ KU Symphony to play masterworks


Poet's Showcase

'Plugged' by Larry Rochelle

Saturday, October 21

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Review: Splinter Cell Double Agent (360)

If you want to show off your HDTV and surround sound system, then you might want to check out this title. If you want to have an entertaining gaming experience, however, there are far better choices.

Review: Avatar (GBA)

The bottom line is that Avatar is simply another barely passable portable Zelda clone. Its party system is unique, but the control scheme ends up hurting more than helping.

Review: Zatchbell Mamodo Fury (PS2)

The combat is simple and dull, the A.I. could use a safety helmet, the camera is atrocious and the Japanese humor is lost on any non-cosplayer.

Review: Valkyrie Profile 2 (PS2)

While the game's sometimes unbalanced difficulty and epic length can give cause to frustration, the exceptional combat and skill systems both make up these shortcomings in full.

Songs of praise

KU composer earns national recognition for choral music

If you see Dan Forrest commuting between Ottawa and Kansas University, don't assume he's belting out a top-40 hit along with the radio.

Friday, October 20

Art a la carte

Two exhibitions open tonight at the Lawrence Arts Center. One features the photography of Bill Snead and the other show highlights new paintings by Aaron Marable,

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Liberty Hall celebrates 20 years

Twenty years ago, it was a rundown shell hosting only a handful of concerts. Liberty Hall was known then as the Lawrence Opera House. In 1985, it was bought out of bankruptcy at a sheriff's sale. Tonight, employees, Lawrence residents and fans of one of the city's most historic venues will celebrate 20 years.

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Sweet Liberty

Venue celebrates 20 years since its cultural renovation

Two decades ago, David Millstein entered the vacant Lawrence Opera House at 642 Mass. with intentions to buy it. The condition of the historic venue was hardly what he expected.

Palestinian virtuoso brings Arabic music to the West

Since coming to the U.S. in 1980, Palestinian performer Simon Shaheen has been on a quest to educate Western audiences about Arabic music.

Former KU football player, poet helps to make a play on words

Poetry slam provides opportunity to share verbal works of art

He towered over the 50 students and volunteers Thursday evening at the Van Go work site, 715 N.J.

Gallery displays 50 years of photojournalist's career

A variety of Bill Snead's photographs from more than a half century of shooting are now on display at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Thursday, October 19

Mystery and misdirection drive magic thriller 'The Prestige'

"The Prestige" may be the second movie to come out this year featuring magicians at the turn of the century, but it is the only one that offers an in-depth look at what drives the men behind the magic. "The Illusionist" is an undercooked love triangle dressed up in Victorian clothes, while "The Prestige," with its time-shifting narrative, replicates the actual construction of a magic trick itself.

Deconstructing myths in 'Flags of our Fathers'

Three U.S. soldiers struggle to climb a sandy hill in the dark as bombs explode around them. When they make it to the top, the men work together to plant an American flag in the ground. As the camera continues upwards, we see that the "bombs" are fireworks and the men are standing atop a paper mache mountain in a stadium, being cheered on by thousands of Americans.

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Review: God Hand (PS2)

Once you've seen all the attacks and tired of the humor, all that's left is a disappointing beat-em-up that fails to live up to the titles it's paying homage to.

Little-know internment topic of traveling exhibit

"Vanished: German-American Civilian Internment, 1941-48" is the subject of a traveling exhibit housed in a bus that will stop Saturday at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. The bus, which also holds a 21-seat theater, will be located outside the library's east entrance from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

KU graduate wins poetry book award

Matthew Porubsky, of Topeka, has received the 2006 Nelson Poetry Book Award from Kansas Authors Club for "voyeur poems," his first book of poetry.

Wednesday, October 18

Cancer survivor shares tales of treatment

Beginning tonight on "River City Weekly," Lawrence Journal-World senior editor Bill Snead speaks with cancer survivor Debbie Meyer, above right, and her friend and surgeon Marilee McGinness, above left, about Debbie's cancer, its treatment and their friendship.

'Turns' tackles 'tween' issues with poise, grace

Ric Averill's "Turns" takes the audience to a local arts center dance studio, where a dozen or so young dancers are preparing for a production of "Snow Queen."

Tuesday, October 17

Poetry slam to feature former KU football player

Travis Watkins, a Kansas University graduate who played for the Jayhawks football team from 2000 to 2005, returns to Lawrence Thursday to be part of a poetry slam at Van Go Mobile Arts.

Beware, 'The End' is here

When one invests almost 68 hours reading 13 volumes that add up to 3,387 pages, it would seem reasonable to expect that one would reach the end of the story - particularly when the last volume is, in fact, called "The End."

Monday, October 16

Sheriff: Death 'suspicious'

Body identified as local hip-hop artist

A man found dead in a field Sunday morning has been identified as a 28-year-old hip-hop artist from Lawrence.

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Review: ProStroke Golf (PS2)

ProStroke Golf is an all around underwhelming experience. If you're looking for a realistic golf game, play Tiger Woods.

Review: Mercury Meltdown (PSP)

Your objective in Mercury Meltdown can be described simply: get your blob of mercury from the beginning of the level to the end. However, it's not simply a matter of navigating obstacles and hills such as in Monkey Ball or Marble Blast Ultra.

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Like A House On Fire

The Esoteric strip down, light up and release a barnburner

The Esoteric's ten-year rise to household name-status among the acultured in Lawrence has been marked by hard work and some hard luck-the band's house went up in flames nearly two years ago).

The Outsider

Democrat Nancy Boyda fights Jim Ryun, the odds, and sometimes her own party

Nancy Boyda is running as a Democrat to represent Lawrence (and the rest of Kansas's 2nd Congressional District) in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is her second race against Republican incumbent Jim Ryun. Boyda sat down with last week while in town speaking to Lawrence area students.

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Barbaric yawp

Lawrence artist Aaron Marable unleashes his own voice with traditional frame, respect for roots

Aaron Marable is unshakable. In this world that scoffs tradition and history, we're constantly reinventing the rules. The mantra's steady hum numbs us: Make it new, noticeable, a large bang on the limited attention span of the national mindscape.

Actual news *

*based on actual news

Fun fare for kids

Lawrence author's book hails memories of big city

Stephen Johnson may have grown up in Lawrence, but he learned to get around town well during his 13 years living in New York City.

Sunday, October 15

Image is everything

Exhibit chronicles storied, 50-year career of Lawrence photographer Bill Snead

Bill Snead is scared of heights. Still, in March 1963, he edged out onto a rickety scaffold 258 feet off the ground to photograph a worker installing copper sheathing on the Kansas Statehouse dome. Shot with a wide-angle lens, the resulting picture shows two men at work: the roofer and Snead, whose jacket and camera fill the bottom of the frame - proof that he had serious guts.

Saturday, October 14

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Review: Okami (PS2)

While it may not have the initial "WOW" factor of Ocarina of Time, Capcom's Okami is a title that comes damn close in quality to what many consider to be the greatest game of all time.

Friday, October 13

Lawrence filmmakers invited to NYC Horror Fest

Filmmaker Ryan Jones recognizes that a horror story can be set anywhere.

'Man of the Year' a political mishmash

As "Man of the Year" opens, Robin Williams' Tom Dobbs gets asked by a member of his talk-show audience why he won't run for president; the question spawns an Internet campaign urging him to run, and eventually he decides to jump into the race.

Thursday, October 12

Big band to perform Maple Leaf weekend

Red, Hot:& Blue!, a big-band extravaganza from Branson, Mo., will be in Baldwin Oct. 21 for Baker University's Artist and Lecture Series.

Holiday Art Fair seeks artists, participants

The Lawrence Art Guild seeks artists, sponsors, volunteers and shoppers to participate in the annual Holiday Art Fair. The fundraiser for the guild will be Dec. 2 at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.

Latest work by youth playwright takes dramatic turn

It's not the type of role Sarah Bezek had any experience with. A girl is dealing with the death of her mother and, at the same time, trying to start a new relationship with her father, who is gay and has been out of the picture.

Quilters invited to show in exhibit

The Maple Leaf Festival Quilt Show seeks quilts for display for its 33rd annual show.

Arts center announces cancer awareness event

Healing Through the Arts, a breast cancer awareness project, is under way at the Lawrence Art Center this month.

Lawrence artist's show opening in Kansas City

Lawrence artist Paul Flinders will make his Kansas City debut on Friday with more than 30 paintings on exhibit at the Apex Gallery, 1819 Wyandotte.

Tuesday, October 10

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Dam Libs! Military Commissions Act of 2006 Edition

Hey kids! - American kids, that is, not alien, combatant, and/or terrorist kids - here's your chance to rewrite portions of the so-called Military Commissions Act. The Act - passed by the Senate on Sept. 29 - was controversial for its vague definition of torture and for stripping of the centuries old right of habeas corpus from alien enemy combatants, among other things. But you and your friends can enjoy this Mad Lib knowing you're safe and sound this side of secret tribunals...or are you? Mwuhahaha:

Monday, October 9

Actual news *

*based on actual news

HABEAS SHMABEAS - Senate Republicans and the White House reached an agreement on legislation that would redefine detainee rights in the war on terror.

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A recipe for fun!

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter bring standup acts to Lawrence

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter have been conjoined comedy twins since they were founding members of sketch comedy troupe The State back in the early '90s.

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Les femmes de spin

Lawrence's lone DJ dames Dolly Surprise hold it down for more than just the ladies

By day, Megan Dudley is a typical 20-something Lawrence townie. She bakes bread at Wheatfields, shops thrift stores and hits the floor at local dance nights whenever she can.

Style Scout: Kelly N. Dvorak

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Review: Just Cause (X360)

The sheer amount of glitches, nearly empty environment, shoddy gunplay, laughable A.I., and short length (the main story can be beat in under five hours) should be enough reason to stay away from this title.

Sunday, October 8

Review: Bomberman (PSP)

It's multiplayer is the strongest asset while the single-player is largely repetitive and at times infuriating-just like every other traditional Bomberman game.

Review: Danny Phantom Urban Jungle (DS)

While it could have easily become another title in the long list of terrible licensed games, Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle is actually a solid old-school shooter in the vein of Gradius. Unfortunately, the experience is a little short-lived.

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Hardware Review: Xbox 360 Vision Camera

While it may not be heavily utilized yet, the Xbox 360 Vision camera certainly has potential to make the Live community even more complete.

Walking tour planned in tandem with exhibit

Coinciding with the release of "Kansas Murals: A Traveler's Guide," authors Lora Jost and Dave Loewenstein will lead a free walking tour of murals in downtown Lawrence. Special guest Stan Herd will talk about his mural at Teller's Restaurant, 746 Mass.

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Man in motion

KU grad's kinetic sculptures garner national acclaim

It all started with a wooden duck that quacked and pooped. A talented 17th-century clock maker built the creature, which did most things a real duck would do, including eat and "digest" food.

Poet's showcase

"Lawrence Leaves," by Z. Hall

Review: 'Leaves of Words' explores teen's disappearance

Playwright Tim Macy's new work "Leaves of Words," performed by English Alternative Theatre, is a fictional work based on the true story of missing teenager Randy Leach.

Cuban artist gets fresh start

After prison stint and loss of faith, painter regains inspiration

Fito Garche looks at the past 2 1/2 years, a rocky time in his life, as a test of faith.

Friday, October 6

Art a la Carte

The mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Randy Leach after he attended a pre-graduation party in 1988 in Linwood is the subject of "Leaves of Words," a new play by Kansas University graduate student Tim Macy.

Complex 'Departed' more than just another Scorsese mafia flick

Grainy video footage of a 1970s Boston race riot opens "The Departed," and that is really the only black-and-white conflict in the story.

Ensembles to perform at Baker choral concert

Baker University's music department will feature its choral ensembles at the Fall Choral Concert at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Rice Auditorium. Admission is free.

Tease photo

Film buffs experiment with fringe movie fest

Rich Housh is helping to bring some of the best-known experimental films to Lawrence.

Ray Charles tribute delivers high-energy music, dance

Ray Charles covered more songs than most of us realize, and Wednesday evening's show at the Lied Center, "I Can't Stop Loving You," brought this home.

'Employee of the Month' may leave cast in unemployment line

Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook, Dax Shepard and colleagues will not be in the running for Hollywood's employee of the month for their new comedy.

Strong enough

Gallery reopens doors after owner's fight with breast cancer

Black and white threads hang limp from the working end of an unfinished shawl on Diane Horning's loom.

Thursday, October 5

Scorsese explores dangerous double lives in 'The Departed'

Director Martin Scorsese has returned to the dangerous "Mean Streets" that he first brought to life so dynamically in 1973 with a disturbing remake of the 2002 Hong Kong sensation "Infernal Affairs." Unlike the sheen of Hong Kong's neon lights, the action is set in the barely lit bars and dreary backrooms of Boston. Despite these decidedly less cinematic locales, Scorsese's film crackles with energy, from furious editing to knockout performances.

Tease photo

Review: World Racing 2 (Xbox)

There's not a lot to love about World Racing 2. It is an extremely frustrating game because of its technical shortcomings and poorly implemented reward system.

Review: Godfather Mob Wars (PSP)

In the end, Godfather: Mob Wars is a so-so port of the console titles. The lack of an open-ended game world and the lousy control scheme are disappointing, but the addition of the strategy based Mob Wars mode is a nice bonus.

Review: MotoGP (PSP)

All in all, MotoGP for the PSP doesn't even feel like a full game. The thing I loved most about this series is the expansive season mode, wealth of options, and replayability. Unfortunately, all of these were lost in the transfer to the PSP.

'Chaps' successfully mixes comical, musical

Lawrence Community Theatre opens its 30th season with a good, lighthearted musical that proves not all of the Lawrence- and Topeka-area theater talent is located in the college community.

Down on the farm

Tour sheds light on workings of disappearing family grange

I believe in the family farm. In fact, I think we should buy as many foods as possible within a 100-mile radius of our homes.

Wednesday, October 4

Actor discusses career on silver screen

Beginning tonight on "River City Weekly," actor Saeed Jaffrey talks about his life and career. Jaffrey, who has appeared in more than 150 films including "My Beautiful Launderette," "Gandhi," "The Man Who Would be King" and "A Passage to India," shares stories about his life in acting.

Monday, October 2

Tease photo

Review: Samurai Warriors 2 (360, PS2)

Any attempt to differentiate between the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series would be an exercise in futility. In virtually every single aspect, they are the exact same franchise with a different word in the title.

Tease photo

Stranger than fiction

Lawrence playwright interprets bizarre disappearance of Lawrence-area teen that's still unsolved after 18 years

Randy Leach was a "happy-go-lucky, all-American, clean cut, normal boy," says his mom choking back tears. Talking to a Lawrence Journal-World reporter in 1989, a year after her 17-year-old son disappeared without a trace, Alberta Leach can't believe not a single clue had been found yet. Nobody seems to know a thing about what happened in Linwood - a town 13 miles northeast of Lawrence, pop. 377.

Bizarre events surrounding the disappearance of Randy Leach

Many circumstances relating to the disappearance of Randy Leach in 1988 fueled rumors as to what may have happened to him.

Timeline of Randy Leach's disappearance

Events leading up to and following the disappearance of Randy Leach.


Ivery Goldstein Goes Pro at The Fix

Actual News*

*based on actual news

Queen of the D-list

Kathy Griffin turns obsession with celebrity into comedic specialty

On the celebrity ladder, some rungs are higher than others. These heights range from the latest team of frat buddies kicked off "The Amazing Race" all the way up to mega-stars such as Tom Cruise, whose every minute action becomes front-page news.

Sunday, October 1

A painting a day

Internet helps Lawrence artists exhibit new works daily

Every weekday morning, John Hulsey and Ann Trusty wake at their home northeast of Lawrence and start painting.

KU play explores teen's disappearance

Unsolved 1988 case still haunts parents in Linwood

Harold Leach has pretty much given up hope that his son, Randy, will ever be found alive.