Hey kids! - American kids, that is, not alien, combatant, and/or terrorist kids - here's your chance to rewrite portions of the so-called Military Commissions Act. The Act - passed by the Senate on Sept. 29 - was controversial for its vague definition of torture and for stripping of the centuries old right of habeas corpus from alien enemy combatants, among other things. But you and your friends can enjoy this Mad Lib knowing you're safe and sound this side of secret tribunals...or are you? Mwuhahaha:

Authorizes the:
(1) President to establish military ____________(plural noun) to try alien unlawful enemy combatants engaged in hostilities against the ____________(name of a place) for violations of the law of war and other ___________(adjective) offenses;
(2) commissions to impose upon any person found guilty any sentence appropriate to the offense, including death or ______________(an example of a punishment); and
(3) _______________(a title or official rank) to carry out such sentences.

Prohibits a combatant under ______________(noun: a process or event) from invoking the Geneva Conventions as a source of rights.

Amends the Uniform Code of Military Justice to ______________(verb) and to establish procedures governing the use of _____________(proper noun: a group of people) to try such combatants for __________________________(an action warranting punishment). Makes eligible to serve on a commission any U.S. ______________(position of authority) on active duty. Requires to be detailed to each commission a ____________(adjective) judge, a ____________(noun: a process or event) and _____________(adjective) defense counsel, and _____________(proper noun, plural: a group of people) and interpreters. Requires at least _____________(number of great significance) _____________(double entendre noun, plural) in each commission.
Prescribes ______________(adjective) and ______________(adjective) procedures, including charges, rules of evidence, pleas, opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence, and defenses.

(1) a two-thirds commission member vote for conviction;
(2) _______________(an amount) _______________(a unit of measure) for a sentence of life imprisonment or confinement of more than ten years; and
(3) a unanimous vote by at least 12 members in a case in which _______________(a severe punishment) is sought.
Prescribes ______________(adjective) procedures and reviews of commission actions, including appeal by the ____________(name of a place), rehearings, and review by the Court of _____________(proper noun: an organization) Commission Review, the U.S. Court of ____________(nouns) for the District of _____________(proper noun), and the U.S. Supreme Court.

_____________(verb) offenses triable by commissions.

Amends the federal criminal code to add ______________(an action), ______________(an action) and ______________(an action) to be considered violations of the War Crimes Act.


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