Poet's Showcase


By Larry Rochelle

By Larry Rochelle

Pumpkin smell burned twilight yellow,
The orange darkness approaching
With a death-dampness feeling
For our legs.

Sun's rays turned purple now, the gay
Orange searing passive clouds, outlining
Them pink.

Another gourd lit up, its candle wavering,
Then catching hold, buzzing moisture
To steam, the aroma of burned plugged-pumpkin flesh
Oozing into our memories.

The solid plunk of the unopened clunked
On table tops, our goal to disembowel
Thirty heads seemed eerie for humans
Disappointed by warfare, yearning for return
Of troops, not these headless, manic
Beasts we would display across the porch.

We said a prayer for Donald, somewhere near Tikrit,
And hoped his head was whole and filled with the
Music of Springsteen he always
Played at home, his green jeep roaring past
Revelries, usually pumping up
The volume, getting sneers from geezers.

- Larry Rochelle is a Johnson County Community College English professor.


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