Singer-songwriter Pinky Nasty with brother and hip-hop artist, Black Nasty.

Singer-songwriter Pinky Nasty with brother and hip-hop artist, Black Nasty.

Based on her music alone, the stage name "Pink Nasty" seems like a misnomer. The doe-voiced lyrics aren't particularly "nasty," nor are the blue-tinged ballads. But being a modern musician requires more than just solid music - you gotta have personality. Enter Her Nastiness. As the sister of Wichita shock-rapper Black Nasty, Pink - a.k.a. Sara Beck - is understandably tortured by her own set of Freudian neuroses. Our podcast finds the gigglesome Beck matching her brother's too-hot-for-television banter tit-for-tat. Hot topics include: Pink's adventures with Bonnie Prince Billy, her new record "Mold the Gold," and salty balls in the summertime. If randomness is a chubby baby, Pink Nasty is most definitely its baby daddy. We caught up with Pink via a crappy cell-phone connection while she was on the road to Memphis...

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Past Event

Pink Nasty / The Black / The Afterparty

  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 10 p.m.
  • Replay Lounge, 946 Mass., Lawrence
  • 21+ / $2 - $3


Low-tech excerpts from the full podcast interview (linked above) ...

Pink Nasty: Hello? Hello, Sara...

I slipped into something a little bit more comfortable. I'm naked now.

:And I'm pouring bottled water all over myself. I'm going to pour bottled water all over you when I meet you.

You must say that to everybody who calls you to do a podcast.

I just want you to sit down so I can pour bottled water all over you. Quit talking shit, OK?

Am I talking shit?

I'm going to slap you. I'm going to slap your teeth out of your face.

Oh, this is going horribly.

At least you get (paid). I get nothin'. You told me to be naked in daylight.

They're not paying me by the hour here, Pink. You're kind of dragging it out.

Whatever. I'm hungry.

Album Mp3s

Album cover art
Mold the Gold


Are you? Where are you going to eat?

I don't know.

So, how did you become acquainted with the [local band name removed-ed] guys?

Oh, you know, drug deals here and there. I think that's how we all kind of bond.

Did you just say "drug deals"?

Yeah, marijuana. Stick icky everywhere.

So is that like a second income for you?

No. I'm really shy and that's just a way to meet people. Like, "Hey, smoke weed? Yeah!"

"Away Message," Pink Nasty

Do you actually consider yourself to be a shy person?

No, I don't smoke weed. Just kidding.

So, tell me about Austin. Should everyone from Lawrence get up and move to Austin or what?


How bad is it when it gets hot?

It gets pretty damn hot. Like 150 degrees, 160. Your skin starts to melt off your bones and you start bleeding from all your holes.

...Even you. Everybody's penis shrivels. And their little balls get salty. But you know how they say "everybody falls in love in the summertime"? Not in Austin. Hell no. Salty balls and everybody's all dry. And everybody has boogers all over their faces.

Has it been nice to you? Has it embraced you and put you on "Austin City Limits"?

No. I'm pissed. I'm going to write the governor when I get back. Thanks for reminding me.


williambelzer 15 years, 2 months ago

the very small, beaten straight guy that lives in what is left of my soul has been aroused.

dswenson 15 years, 2 months ago

dear richard -- I'm on dave swenson's computer and I'm wondering if you have any stuff? -- pink

evepest 15 years, 2 months ago

Richie in regards to your article on pink nasty What the Fuck! Why would you print something like that? I know it probably seems funny and it a bar room type setting to 'call out' your friends and such but when the bar is 30,000 readers some may call it slander. Some members of that band have families and/or pillars of the community. Some dont have to answer to anybody, but that doesnt matter still! Where the fuck is the loyalty to YOUR community, not some dumb fucking bitch from Austin via Wichita, that had her record made for her by the top players in this town until she ran off with another phony fuck (bonnie prince pussy), whom you probably drool over as well, to make her cool. Show some common sense already, if thats the highlight of your interview then i demand you resign and save people from having to read your skull numbing skribble that somehow deems as writing.

Emily Hadley 15 years, 2 months ago

Eve, Sara, and Gint -- all three of you are obviously morons, but none of you could compare to whoever not only designated this as a front page article, but has not yet found anything with a scrap of relevance or sincerity to replace it.

While I am glad to have read this, as it dismissed the good impression I had from Sarah's first CD, this is honestly the lamest piece of shit article I have ever seen on, even worse than (also by Richard Gintowt, of course).

Emily Hadley 15 years, 2 months ago

I am just avoiding altogether for a few days in hopes of never seeing references to either of the nasty Beck siblings. They aren't from Lawrence, they don't live in Lawrence, and they sure aren't doing anything for Lawrence.

jimmyj 15 years, 2 months ago

is that girl for real? or is is just that one guy (black nasty) dressed up in drag?

beckycarl 15 years, 2 months ago

Why all the hate? I have to say the player haters above are just totally jealous of how talented my family is and how much THEY HAVE brought to Lawrence (great town) and to KANSAS! Um, pretty much my sister is the best thing ever to come out of Kansas. I mean not only is she a very talented song writer/musician she is a beautiful, funny, wonderful person that would do anything for anyone. She has been singing since she was a wee pup and is actually doing something with her talent. It is not easy to put this all together herself, especially when she was working with some VERY difficult people, but that is the past and it worked back then for the music. For Lawrence to shun PN and BN would be a BIG mistake, as they are the life of the party. Keep it Nasty. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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