Save & Splurge


Photo by Sarah Smarsh

Kait Head,

18, Free State senior, Juice Stop shift manager and shameless discount opportunist.


"At Liberty Hall, there's two-for-one movie rental on Thursday nights. At La Prima Tazza, the coffee shop next door, there's two-for-one coffee on Tuesdays. You can also take your movie stubs and get a discount on coffee. I don't go to that many movies, but I still have old ticket stubs I use, or I use my mom's. And I love coupons. If I have them, I use them."


$10 per week in business discounts and coupon savings.


"Coffee. I try to cut back. But, you know."


$25 per week in coffee-shop java.


"I try to walk downtown more than drive. That definitely saves gas money."


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