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Sunday, December 30

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2007: The Year that Shouldn't Have

Hey, remember 2007? You know, back in the day, when silly fads like "iPhones" and "suspending the writ of habeas corpus" were all the rage? Well, if you liked that awesome chapter of yesteryear, you're going to love 2008!

Friday, December 28

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Screw Street Cred!

Cover band "Sellout" laugh at respectability and party all the way to the bank

The audience-a well heeled mix of Lawrence aristocracy young and not-so-young wearing their debutante fineries-is skeptical of the cleavage-baring Marilyn Monroe impersonator belting out Janis Joplin tunes. They're just as suspicious of the man in skanky leather pants and ill-fitting wig who's prancing around before them like an epileptic mandrill. The band-called Sellout-is a local cover band with a penchant for the flamingly theatric. They're fronted by Monroe and a Cabaret-era Liza Minnelli, with backing from Rick James, Gene Simmons and that guy from Devo.

Monday, December 24

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Top 10 Local Albums of 2007

It's no easy task to craft a Local Music Top 10 of the year list-that's a testament to the abundance of great albums cut from the loins of the mighty Kansas cloth. Both Lawrence and Kansas City artists were considered for the cut, which inevitably overlooked plenty of deserving records. This podcast features a track from each of our picks. Please leave a comment below with your additions or your own full Top 10 list.

Friday, December 21

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The year's top 10

A look back at local A&E stories of 2007

Arts and entertainment signifies more than just a cable TV channel in Lawrence. It's the social lifeblood of the city, allowing artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and "others" to flow from one project to another. Throughout the year the Journal-World covered many of the highs and lows that sprang from the vibrant A&E scene. Features staffers recently revisited these articles and voted on the top 10 A&E stories of 2007.

Thursday, December 20

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Sustainable style

Gardening, fashion meet in chic collision

Whether you hear it being called eco couture, eco fashion, agricouture, ground-up fashion or just plain earth-friendly clothing, the hot trend is threads that tread lightly. They might be recycled, grown from organic plants or even materials you'd never dreamed would be comfortable clothing alternatives, but the world of fashion and the world of the gardener are joining hands to prove that sustainability is more than just smart. It also is chic.

Wednesday, December 19

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Josephine and the Amazing Technicolor Record Deal

How an Overland Park Collective bro'd down with Warner Bros.

With a debut EP already out on Warner Bros. Records and a full-length due in March, Josephine Collective's six members might just find themselves on MTV before they're old enough to drink (legally, anyway)

Sunday, December 16

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Film preview: "Greensburg, A Community of Hope Rebuilds"

Lawrence filmmakers Eric Hyde and Oliver Hall screen their documentary about Greensburg-the small southwestern Kansas town that is rebuilding following the recent F5 tornado.

Friday, December 14

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

A preview of "The Truth of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine." As tangled as one can get in the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Hannah Mermelstein views it, at its core, as a simple beast: In the wake of the Holocaust, Zionists seeking a Jewish state won approval from the United Nations. The Arabs fought. Israel won the war. The Arabs, by and large, fled or were forced elsewhere.

Thursday, December 13

"Legend" could have been just that were it not for the last 15 minutes

Give Will Smith credit for one thing-he is fully capable of absorbing work. In "I Am Legend," based on the 1954 sci-fi novel by Richard Matheson, the actor holds our attention by himself for virtually the entire film.

Tuesday, December 11

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Review: Rock Band (360)

As a single-player game, Rock Band is comprehensive and very enjoyable. As a party game, it's one of the most entertaining gaming experiences you can have.

Monday, December 10

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Five Years

2012 and the End Of The World As We Know It

THE END IS NIGH and somehow we know it. It blackens our souls and poisons our dreams. Wrath, envy, greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, vanity-these are the hallmarks of human civilization. Our institutions are corrupt, our perceptions distorted. We have become evil, hell-spawn, irredeemable by love. Someday a rain's a-gonna come and wash it all away. Hurricanes, tsunami, cyclones-they will cleanse the world of our evil. The fires of war and cataclysm will purify the land. The temples of the money-changers will crumble to dust. The earth will swallow you whole. And those that remain-the chosen few-will live on in the kingdom of God.

A Very Chronic Christmas

Cannabis Claus continues quest to spread spleef on earth

Last week we got a call from Santa. He's the Lawrence-based Santa who also goes by Chris Hartman. You might remember him from a story from a few years ago called "Bad-ish Santa: Cannabis Claus doubles as pro-hemp humorist and Santa's helper." It continues to be a story that we get a lot of feedback on.

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

Kate von Achen made her second trip to Uganda in January. She was with a group called Global Youth Partnership for Africa, one of 13 Americans and 13 Ugandans there for a three-week case study on the two-decades-long civil war in northern Uganda.

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Kinetik Energy

Lawrence's liveliest performers translate their brand of party rock to debut record

For the past few years the Kinetiks have been steadily winning fans in Lawrence and KC for their high-energy, girl-fronted take on punk, rock, and dance music. The band's shows are as much about getting the audience moving as they are playing music. The band itself is hardly afraid to break a sweat-there is no shortage of clapping, jumping, or dancing on stage.

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Inspectatory Edition:

The temperature was 59 degrees:A baby's bottle with a small amount of milk left inside was found in a grassy area along New Hampshire Street, between The Java Break and a parking lot. No more than two yards away lay a discarded beer bottle and a cigar wrapper...A bald man in an American flag shirt walked past and didn't respond to the question, "How ya doin'?":

Style Scout: Clinton Shirk

Style Scout: Erica Voetsch

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Saturday, December 8

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Wakarusa Festival organizers hope to keep location

Lawrence police chief outlines law enforcement's problems with event

Wakarusa Festival organizers want to negotiate a long-term lease with state leaders to keep the concert at Clinton State Park. The festival site has been in question after organizers last month unsuccessfully sought to move the event - which has attracted upward of 15,000 people in past years - to Jefferson County. "The lake is our No. 1 target," said Brett Mosiman, who started the event in 2004.

Friday, December 7

6News video: Wakarusa Music Festival looking to grow

Organizers of the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival seek permission to grow the event.

Monday, December 3

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Striking out for solidarity

New group hopes to create cohesion among the scattered disabled community on Mt. Oread

It's hard to force change when you're a minority of five. When you compose 0.019 percent of the student body at KU. Five = the number of students last year who reported having mobility issues. No wonder it took until this year-17 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guaranteed their rights-for KU to buy a few buses equipped with lifts.

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Jen Say What?

Local band good at music, bad at French

There's a certain je ne sais quoi to The Jen Say Kwahs, but they don't speak French, so no one knows how to define it. Suffice to say it's the charismatic union of four creative spirits who stumbled across each other when invited to perform a Shania Twain song at a friend's wedding.

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A Place to Call their 'Pwn'

'HighScore Game Room' re-spawns arcade atmosphere with luxury and fragging rights

While the coin-op arcades of old may be relegated to the digital scrap heap of video game history, Game Nut Entertainment owner Gene Nutt and his crew refuse to give up the blinking ghost. After nearly two years of plotting and tinkering, the Mass. Street video game retailer is finally ready to unveil its second floor-the HighScore Game Room, a bleeding edge tech cafe catering to today's discriminating gamer.

Save & Splurge

The Dish: Cilantro Eggplant Pizza

With Alexander Schorn, 23, student, Lawrence.

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