Style scout: Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Hometown: Lawrence

Age: 24

Time in Lawrence:24 years

Occupation and/or major: BA in Environmental Studies

Where was/what doing when scouted? Going to watch a KU basketball game at the Jackpot.

Favorite clothing store? Lawrence Goodwill. Hand-me-downs and give-aways. Used clothes have a much smaller ecological footprint than new clothes.

Other stores you frequent? The Public Library, I'm there at least twice a week. To use the internet for free and to check out R. Buckminster Fuller (ecological design in architecture). Wheatfield's for salads and bread. The feed store on 6th Street for, you know, feed. And Jenson's for, you know, intimate personal conversations with whoever else is in the narrow pathways through a fine selection.

How would you describe your style? I am a neoclassical lumberjack troll.

Seriously? Like David the Gnome? Yeah, I'm in the market for a fox. And I'd live in a mushroom with my mermaid bride given the chance.

Favorite trend for this season? Germination and thawing. I'm a little ahead of the game, but March Mustache Madness baby! I have a lot of options with this much hair, you know? I'm gonna have to get a pith helmet-is that what they're called-so I can rock the safari mustache/cheek beard combo. Germination.

Least favorite trend right now? Why's everybody gotta hate on Hugo Chavez?

Where do you get your hair cut? When do you think the last time I cut my hair was? Usually it's the person closest to a pair of scissors when there's beer around, which happens once or twice a year.(And tips on luxuriant beard maintenance?) Imagine photons exploding out of your face in infinite directions. Occasionally scrubbing it with pine tar and vinegar doesn't hurt. Keeps the itch away.

Favorite coffee shop in Lawrence? I really don't drink coffee, we can just start by saying that. As far as beverages go, I wish there were more hydration stations/ purveyors of fine water in town.

Favorite bar in Lawrence? Probably the Shenago Lounge. I wish I had the balls to go there more often, but I am intimidated by the same three guys that are always there. I went there on Christmas once and I don't think anyone in the bar even knew it was Christmas. But overall, it's more laid back. Example: they only have one beer on tap, I think it's Bud Light. And you never have to worry about seeing anyone you know.

Is there anything you'd like to see more of in Lawrence? More functionality in terms of fashion, make things serve their purpose and have dual purposes. More life purpose, more diesel pickup trucks, and more man bags. And I'd like to see more of my brothers in town. Oh, one more thing, more rickshaws!

Less of in Lawrence? I want to see less roads and more dirt walking paths. My pet chickens request less raccoons. Less focus on economy and money / profiteering? Less money, more bartering.

Style= ? Tension and compression. Dumpster reclamation. In kindergarten when you put on the new striped polo shirt that your mom just got you and you feel really good about it.

Who's got style? Zenyetta Mandeatta era Police. My brothers have style that I don't, but they're not famous. F*ckin' Andre 3000, he's got style, I don't care what anyone says.

Are you a happy American? Ridiculously, unbelievably, stupidly happy, but I don't really know if it matters that I'm an American or not.

Tell us a secret. I wish I knew where there was some treasure... Almost everything you're eating is doing more harm than good.

Food or clothes? Food. It tastes better than clothes.


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