Save & Splurge

Rachael McMeachin

dominatrix, Dr. Sketchy's hostess and mixologist

How do you save money?

"I tithe to myself. Ten percent off the top goes into my savings account, which used to be a wine bottle. I'd roll up the cash and stick it in the bottle, so if I really wanted to get the money, I'd have to break the bottle. Recently, I'll divide everything I make into piles of thirds, so a third of it goes towards rent, a third goes towards utilities and groceries, and the other third is just spending cash or put towards something I'm saving for. I keep the piles in envelopes. I also make my S&M; clients buy me things. One of them bought me a Volkswagon Beetle."

How much does that save you a month?

"The budgeting saves me several hundred a month."

What do you splurge on?


"Recently it's been furniture and other big ticket items. I just bought a red velvet sofa that cost $600 at the antique mall. I'm stalking sofas on eBay that are $1,200. I also buy awesome shoes on eBay. I found these amazing science fiction boots for $1 - the shipping was more than the shoes. I probably spend $150 a month on shoes. My favorite find is this shoe store on Troost that sells every pair for $10. They're ghetto fabulous. I don't walk out of there without at least six pairs."


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