Townie guide to... Halloween Hootenannying

Townie guide to... Halloween Hootenannying

Mandy "Pants Macabre" Denton, claims and risk manager, junkie of politics and "Real Sex"

Years in Lawrence: 8

Why is Halloween the greatest holiday in human history?

"Is it the Satanism, the hedonism, the transvestism-what? It's fantastic! I've seen the best costumes in Lawrence-people really get creative. Everyone seems to lose their inhibitions even more than normal, and it's this big, sloppy, happy good time."

Aside from a drag queen's closet, where's the best place to get a costume?

"I love the second-hand stores-you can't beat Goodwill and Arizona Trading Company. There's also a great store over by KU Med called Boomerang that has fabulous retro and vintage stuff."

What's the best costume you've ever put together? Was it some variation of "Naughty (insert profession here)"?

"I had some pretty good costumes in college. I was Milton from 'Office Space' one year, complete with red Swingline. I was an Underpants Gnome from 'South Park' one year. Lately they've been trending towards the 'naughty,' though."


As a woman, do you feel that your costume choices are limited to hyper-sexualized options, or is that fine by you if it gets you free Jell-O shots?

"I've always wanted to do what one of my favorite comedians, Steve Hofstetter, did a few years ago-wear a mini-skirt, cat ears, angel wings, carry a pitchfork, and go as 'every freakin' girl on campus.' I like to go for creative and funny, usually because by late October my ass hasn't seen a gym or the sun in a few months. 'Hey, slightly chubby pale girl in a skimpy outfit! Yeah!"

What are the best Lawrence hot-spots for Halloween Shenanigans?

"I'm a big fan of house parties on Halloween for the mingling factor, but I've always had a blast just bar-hopping on Mass St.-you can see some great costumes that way."

What's the weirdest thing you've seen or done on Halloween? Was there goat blood involved? Human blood?

"Hmm-no blood that I can remember. My freshman year, a really stoned guy dressed as a clown definitely tried to take my boyfriend at the time home with him."

Do you beat up small children for their candy on Halloween, or is beer all the candy you need?

"Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."


Crapweasel 14 years, 9 months ago

Wow!!! That Mandy is such a total hottie, and what a funny funny girl. Anyone know how I can get her number? I would soooooo wanna party with this chick, even if she is a bit of an uber-nerd!! She is strong like cat! Purr.....

LanceT 14 years, 9 months ago

I totally agree this Mandy chick is incredible. I would agree the Boomerang store by the Med center has a plethora of vintage stuff. This girl is awesome. If you want a naughty party partner find me.

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