Save & Splurge


Cate Crandell

20, French and advertising student, photographer and scooterist

How do you save money?

"I take my scooter everywhere and it gets 100 miles a gallon. Unless I'm going back to Overland Park, I'm always on my scooter. That way, I didn't have to spend $160 on a parking pass at Daisy Hill. I also save by not depositing my money when I should, so it just sits there and I can't access it, and I shop at Dillons and Wal-Mart. I'm a card-carrying member at Dillons. We also made a profit off of my birthday party, so that earned me some money."

How much does that save you?

"I haven't done the math on that-maybe $50 a month?"

What do you splurge on?

"I splurge on photography equipment. I save up and, maybe every four months, buy something big. My last big purchase was studio lights, which were about $1,000. I'm currently saving for a new lens, which will be about $1,500. I spend a lot of money on printing pictures for my personal use, as well. Maybe clothes or shoe shopping if I feel like it. I'm also saving up for a trip to France."

How much will that cost?

"A lot."


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