Stories for April 2008


Wednesday, April 30

Alcohol OK'd for Wilco concert downtown

A May 14 downtown concert won its final piece of city approval.

Tuesday, April 29

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GTA IV impressions

My impressions of GTA IV, updated several times daily as I play through the game for the first time

Monday, April 28

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Pop! Art

Artist Brian Stuparyk and his 3-D playground

Some folks say Brian Stuparyk grabs life by the horns. He'll approach any stranger and introduce himself. Before you know it, said stranger is elbow-deep in a conversation spanning three countries, historical trends in art production, and the symbolic ennui of, say, a smashed-up cigarette butt. For instance.

There Can Be Only One

The VegeDactylDylanGuse Edition

The Third Annual Deadwood Derby is nigh. Thousands of dollars of prizes are at stake. Let's meet the contenders.

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The Feminine Artistique

LOLA Continues Handmade Local Tradition

While Lawrence prides itself on supporting the arts, gallery closings and less than stellar support for the art auction have caused some to wonder how deep that commitment runs.

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A Farr Is Born

Prank call duo Earles and Jensen release "Just Farr A Laugh" collection, nearly break up over KU basketball

A 250-pound dwarf named Bleachy and '70s soft rock pioneer Christopher "F*cking" Cross are on the line for you. Well, not really-your life isn't that exciting-but you can simulate the experience with "Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!"

Eastside Vittles

Activists bring long-awaited market to East Lawrence

The southeast corner of 12th and Connecticut has been a busy place the past couple of months. And the six young community activists sweating and toiling in the building-holding fundraisers, painting walls, ripping up tile-have a big goal:

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:a day in court edition!!!

A man walked into the Douglas County Clerk's Office and requested records for Williams, Robin. "That's not a joke," he added.

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Halfway Across America

American Indian walkers take a pit stop at Haskell in their 3,600-mile journey across the United States

Thirty years ago, a number of bills were introduced in Congress aimed at terminating tribal sovereignty, leaving native matters in the hands of the states.

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Monday, April 21

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Two best friends, 20 years of suspicion in the disappearance of Randy Leach

Note: This story is about two men, now in their late 30s, who were suspected of having something to do with the mysterious disappearance, 20 years ago this month, of Linwood teenager Randy Leach. While they are by no means the only two people who have been suspected over the years, their lives have been fundamentally altered by the "witch hunt," as they call it, that they found themselves part of.

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As Americana As Apple Pie

Drakkar Sauna serves up a slab of homage with new album, "Wars and Tornadoes"

The music of Drakkar Sauna is just as heartbreakingly pretty as their hard-living, country-roots forebears-although the Lawrence duo is far more stable and far less dead than some of their musical heroes. It's in tribute to one of these troubled influences, The Louvin Brothers, that Drakkar Sauna has recorded its new album, "Wars & Tornadoes."

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Dodgeball for Malaria

Hurl balls at chumps to save African children

Dodgeball for malaria. How do ya like the ring of that? Relive the glory days of your youth, or, if your gym teacher wasn't old school enough to make you play dodgeball, taste the quintessential gym class sport you were denied.

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Art Gallery and How!

New Wonder Fair space opens for business, magic

Eric Dobbins is under the gun. "Renovation is such a slow process. I won't be completely satisfied until there's some art on the walls," said Dobbins. "Getting some people down there will be a big step."

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Great Job!

Tim and Eric take their awesomely awkward Adult Swim show on the road

If you've seen "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, then you're well acquainted with how virtually impossible it is to describe.

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Lust for Power

The Roseline ready themselves for the Big Time, Lamborghinis

After a decade in Lawrence, The Roseline have found a way to take the change inherent in a revolving-door college town and make it work to their advantage. Lineup changes, marriages, financial stress, and a little bit of old-fashioned libido might sound like ingredients for some pretty angsty listening, but instead the Lawrence band washes it all down with a sweet slide guitar and a hook-no screams here.

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:firecrotch edition!!!

The KU debate team finished its 2007-2008 season atop the National Debate Tournament varsity rankings. Whooooooo!!!! National champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In response, the people of Lawrence poured onto Mass. Street in ordinary numbers to shop, eat, drink and stroll. The date for a downtown parade has not yet been set.

Friday, April 18

There's no "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

For all of its seeming assembly-line predictability, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" turns out to be a hilariously subversive take on manhood and romance in the 21st century. It also showcases a nervy, unflappable but ultimately sweet performance by Jason Segel that should turn the actor/co-writer into a star.

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Spoon bender

Lawrence bassist adjusts to membership in one of indie rock's premier bands

Rob Pope is gearing up for a show in Atlanta during his latest tour stop. While being on the road is commonplace for the Lawrence musician, he realizes this particular day merits its own significance.

Thursday, April 17

Review Roundup 4-17

We take a look at the games of April

Tuesday, April 15

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Gray matters

Young fan born with brain tumor willed Jayhawks to 1988 NCAA title

The accomplishments of the 1988 Kansas University basketball team ensured names such as Danny Manning and Larry Brown were placed into the annals of Jayhawks lore. But another name became just as synonymous with that national championship team to the people of Lawrence.

Monday, April 14

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The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth

Earth Day Fashion Show 2008

Trivia question: When do bags upon bags crammed with neckties-enough to wear a different one every day for maybe two years-come in handy? Answer: When you're a crazy-ass fashion designer. When you're sewing an entire gown out of ties. When at least 150 go into the skirt alone.

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Vice As Nice

Local artists commandeer Haskell Square

To East Lawrence townies, Haskell Square is affectionately referred to as "The Vice Mall"-a one-stop-shop for all of your porn, liquor, parole, Payday Loan and comfort-food needs.

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Bowling for Puppies

Wii bowling tournament waggles up money for the Lawrence Humane Society

In an adorable pairing likely to induce diabetic shock, the Nintendo Wii and small furry animals are being combined for an insulin-eradicated good time. The Lawrence Humane Society will be holding a Wii bowling tournament to raise money for its many critters, and some of those critters will even be on hand to inspire you to spay and neuter the competition.

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:Mass on Mayhem Street edition!

Hey young buck, you think the recent Mass on Mayhem Street was wild?

Saturday, April 12

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LHS alumnus writes new best-seller

Agnostic author returning home for Theologian in Residence series

Two years ago, Bart Ehrman was yukking it up on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Comedy Central's "fake" news show. He was promoting his new book, "Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why," which was a New York Times best-seller. The book's success marked a career highlight for the agnostic writer, former born-again Christian and Lawrence native.

Wednesday, April 9

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We are No. 1!

All others are No. 2 or lower.

Dear Vanna White, I would like to purchase an adjective. Is there one left? Or were they all used up in describing the Jayhawks' victory? A lil' bit of the coverage, local and national, all mashed up Frankenstein style.

Tuesday, April 8

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Who's Afraid of Peak Oil?

A local look at a global scare

The world's runnin' out of oil. While such a problem can seem too big and tangled to deal with on a local scale, Tim Hjersted, director of the Films for Action project, wants city leaders to take a serious look.

Peak Oil - What It Means to You

You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media's coverage of rising gas prices, but the squeeze we're all feeling at the pump is just a small part of a much larger picture. The current price of gas is more than a just a little rough patch that might get worked out by the markets or policy wonks in Washington.

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Monday, April 7

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Coat or Die!

Coat Party is going to burn your f*cking house down

Coat Party exudes enough vim and vigor to melt the eyes out of your sockets. This Lawrence dance-rock foursome-especially when performing live-will mash punked-up Gang of Four style rhythm, Gameboy soundtrack atmospherics and dual shout along vocals all over your face!

The Full Nelson

Nelson-Atkins Director Marc Wilson on all things art in K.C.

It's springtime, reader, and what better time to go for a visit to a fine art museum?

GreenTown, Realized

The Reinvention of Greensburg

Last May, immediately after the tornado hit, talk of rebuilding Greensburg began.


:bedlam edition!

As Jennifer Chiaverini wrote on page 246 of her latest novel, "The Winding Ways Quilt":

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Thursday, April 3

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Field position

Former KU lineman joins Clooney's cinematic team in Hollywood

Keith Loneker is on TV right now punching the bejesus out of a hapless referee. His mug is on the homepage of, grimacing and readying for a showdown. As of today, he's also appearing in a couple thousand theaters around the country. The Lawrence resident is a cast member of the new film "Leatherheads."