Style Scout: Cassy Millstein

Cassy Millstein

Age: 25

Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Portland, OR

Time in Lawrence: 6 years

Occupation: Co-owner of The Casbah Market

What were you doing when scouted? Working really hard

Favorite store? The Casbah Market.

How often do you go shopping each month? Not even once a month due to lack of money and time.

How would you describe your style? Family Matters.

Where do you get your hair cut? The last time I got my hair cut, I went to Salon DiMarco.

Favorite trends? Guys in short shorts, headbands that don't seem to have a purpose, and really old sundresses.

Least favorite trends? Clothes that say stuff on the butt. Fake tans.

Tattoos/piercings? I've wanted to get a tattoo since I was 14, and the kind of tattoo I want changes every week, which is thankfully why I don't have one.

Favorite coffee shop? I like La Prima Tazza because it is awesome. I think they have the friendliest staff and the best coffee.

Favorite bar? Louise's West.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Scooters

What would you like to see less of? Motorcycles

Who are your fashion influences? I would say Ronald McDonald, Wonder Woman, and shades of brown.

Tell us a secret: I'm the Garmin girl, but I can't help you find your way around town.


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