Save & Splurge

Jon Breitkreutz, movie maker, music maker, cabinet maker

How do you save money?

'I act as though I'm broke, even when I'm not, and live off of Ramen. I try not to use my debit card-I'll withdraw $20 and make it last me four days, kind of like an allowance. I don't go out drinking in bars a lot. I'd rather buy a six pack. I try to buy in bulk in general. The big thing is gas-if I go out, I try to get everything in one trip. Working with wood, I make a lot of furniture for myself. I've made cabinets, a coffee table, chairs-I'm like Jesus. In fact, I am Jesus. I'm even working on the beard."


What do you splurge on?

"A good meal out is always nice. I'm also saving up for a vehicle right now-a 1970 GMC pickup truck. I have it all picked out and everything. I also probably didn't have to buy another guitar, but I always want more instruments. Whenever I save up money it always goes towards an instrument or woodworking tools. I bought another table saw not too long ago. You can get the really crappy ones for $50, but I splurged and bought the $500 model."


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