iPhone reviews - Enigmo, Cro-Mag Rally


This Rube Goldberg-esque puzzler is heavy on physics and requires a good amount of brainpower to beat. Your objective is initially to divert drops of water from one jug to another using various tools (trampolines, sponges, platforms, etc). As the game progresses, differing liquids will be added to the mix, requiring you to use the tools provided to put the drops through gates, bounce them off platforms, slide down slopes, and eventually get to their destination. Control is intuitive and easy to pick up, using the iPhone's native pinch motion to zoom in and out, as well as simply dragging and rotating the various tools with your finger. It's great for pick-up-and-play gaming, which makes it perfect for the iPhone. The best game yet on Apple's device.

Overall: 8.8

Cro-Mag Rally

The iPhone's accelerometer seems like it would make racing games a natural fit for the phone. However, this was assumed about the Wii as well, and the large majority of racing games on Nintendo's system ended up being sub-par. Cro-Mag Rally suffers from some of the same wonky motion control, which isn't helped by the fact that you have to use non-physical buttons to accelerate, drive in reverse, or use your weapons. Despite the sometimes-annoying controls, Cro-Mag Rally is a decent Mario Kart clone for occasional play.

Overall: 6.0


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